Bro, do you even…nevermind (33 Photos)

This isn’t natural. I’m sorry in advance.

  • Kiro

    Why aren't these guys modern day superheros. Think of the costumes 🙂

  • bob

    Synthol much?

  • Monster

    One pic is true. #4. Google"the man whos arm exploded". Documentry about this roider.

  • Bwentos

    … they are like…. man tumors….

  • mark

    Balloon animals look so life like these days…who would have thought.

  • Danny

    There are a lot of fake pics in here, and some of these guys are synthol douche bags, which isn't steroids. I'm doing natural bodybuilding and I'm no where near as big as these guys. There are a few roid-heads in here but like I said a lot of fake pics.

  • its_forge

    No thanks, I like being able to wipe my own ass. I also like having a penis bigger than 1 inch.

  • Lucas

    #26 the hills have eyes

  • Jared Zecchel

    Sorry about your Penis' Bro's…

    • Eric


  • josh

    Almost all photo shopped .I hope nobody got paid to put this together….FAIL!

  • Gauge

    I might lose a weight-lifting competition with these guys, but I'd definitely smoke 'em in a wipe-my-own-ass competition.

  • MrMaverick03

    How long until their hearts explode? Like a day or two?

  • charly lemon


  • Candie

    omg none of that is sexy what so ever!!!!!!

  • NDStars

    Ugh, the synthol ones are so obvious.

  • Sean

    Most of these morons give a whole new meaning to "pea-brained".

  • the devil

    This post brought to you by Stanazolol, now in tasty Grape flavor!

  • Alumni72

    Don't these people have friends? the kind who would have the balls to tell them "dude, I think you're overdoing it a bit"?
    That guy sitting in the chair – I can't see how he can even breathe!!

  • cjay

    WTF'n Hell !! Steroid freaks.

  • waylon

    Stop eating bowling balls people!

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  • CEngChiver

    Attack of the cloud people

  • Jimalee

    #4 like we are not going to notice your grotesque 'muscles' unless you pull your cut off tee to the side. Ick!!

  • babaganush

    What the

  • John

    I'd rather my penis and balls work.

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