Bro, do you even…nevermind (33 Photos)

This isn’t natural. I’m sorry in advance.

  • stray

    Most of this post is photoshop and synthol

  • jessica

    so..stupid..they don't even look real…fucking gross

  • Kait

    Go home! You already beat the gym!

  • .Krookz

    How do they wipe?

  • Hybrid

    for anyone who works out in a healthy manner, and without steroids knows that nothing beats seeing changes the natural way. photo shopped or not looking like that is just plain nasty.

  • Eddie

    Oh what the fuck.

  • Trisarah Tops

    LOOOOL wtf!

  • RobinWM

    I believe that the majority of these guys are using the disgusting synthol an oil injected into the muscle that requires little movement to create large sacks of oil, check out #27 Gregg Velentino – The Man whos arms exploded on youtube. the use of Synthol is horrible.

  • michaelmarrella

    The only real ones are 2, 3, 11, 12, 14, 23, 29, 30, 31 and 32 (except the baby face obv). All the other ones are either shopped or the product of synthol (the soft balloony ones) not steroids!
    People are stupid to think some of these are real and not totally morphed images. Not only stupid, but judgmental for making assumptions based on someone's body. I bet you all are either fat fuks or skinny phaggots who were never able to get big so call out someone else's hard work.

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