Caffrey the cat doesn’t let his handicap slow him down (7 Photos)

When Caffrey was three years old he was run over by a car and lost his left hind leg. Four months ago he sadly had his front left leg amputated as well. Caffrey is now living with only two legs, but it doesn’t stop him from climbing trees, chasing mice, and living a fully active (and likely mischievous) lifestyle.


  • goglass

    #7 Reminds me of an AT-AT for some reason

  • Daniel

    This inspires me to walk on only 2 legs.

  • 15Weight

    hovercat can suck it.

  • Skweegee

    How is this not a Mac post?

  • Kat

    Aww thats too awesome!!! thats a bad ass cat, i'm not even much of a cat person and would want to have that cat 🙂

  • mandythedestroyer

    they should rename him Cassidy because he "hops-along"

  • Joe

    Bet he only scratches people about half as much as he would like to. Good for you, cat. YOL9

  • TheBetterMan

    This cat is inspirational to my cat…no wait he is taking a nap, I'm sure when he wakes up he will do something awesome. I nominate this cat for king of cat saturday!

  • Canucks_Rule

    i usually rip on cats for being the devil's spawn…. but in this case, god speed lil dude.

  • @305Colombianito

    Big deal i do this everyday with my two legs…..

  • John

    This cat should be taken to hospitals for Vetererns to help them see how happy and animal is still after losing some limbs. Maybe it will help motivate them in their situations.

  • Jp1


  • Anomanom

    Two right feet? Zero fucks given.

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