Captions and photos go together like ketchup and fries (31 Photos)

  • MattKL

    #19 made me chuckle.

  • sam

    #31 so its for real? thats F ed up

  • PB&J

    #21 I really hope it fappins.

  • AprilShowers

    #31 Leave equestrian out of it! It's harder than it looks!

  • Frank

    So, am I the only one wondering about #18 and whether that chick is getting torn apart by a shark? lol

  • raoconno

    2012 London Olympics
    26 countries represented in modern pentathlon
    71 in wrestling

    Worldwide appeal supposed to be one of the factors considered by the IOC.

  • Cupajo54

    HEY! What happened to the tabs to get to the previous or next set? There were here and now they're gone?

  • Kleetus

    #30 LOL

  • timmy

    still no next page button what is this world coming to

  • andrew

    what did you do to the website guys? removing the "view previous" button is making it much harder to catch up on the chive. please put it back. im sure im not the only one that misses it

  • DriveBy

    Bob is that you? #5

  • Erik


    That's a muffin, not a cupcake.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #29 – very well done.

  • the devil

    #21 I don't know…I've seen her square ass and 93% of her boobs…what else can she have that I haven't seen…? And remember, this is Playboy we're talking about…they don't show anything other than airbrushed tits and ass…

  • Jawbone

    #14 Christ Almighty, enough with this popped-collar doucheknuckle.

  • Nobel Citizen

    If he would've started at 'p', by 'd' he would have already had… well you do the math.

  • James

    #17 LOL so true…

  • fgilly

    NEVER disrespect Curling.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #30 believe it or not, calling a man a pussy originated in the UK and meant calling him weak like a kitten.

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