Funny Mardi Gras photos 2013 : theCHIVE

Chivers didn’t miss a beat this year at Mardi Gras (44 Photos)

Mardi Gras, for those of you not living under a rock, is known as one of the greatest parties on the planet. This year Chivers were out in full force to share what I can only imagine to be a blissful, drunken, celebration of debauchery, beer and boobs. Sadly, we can not show the NSFW photos because, well, sponsors “frown” upon that. But that doesn’t mean there still aren’t plenty of glorious photos to go around. Enjoy!

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  • Ricka

    #28 is so damn HOTT!!

  • Troy

    #20 Hipster Chiver

    • Joe

      I'm far from a hipster big guy.

  • Troy

    #21 #46

    MOAR !!

  • Lucas

    #36 I switch the order of that a little.. I fuck shit up, come, and leave.

  • F Liepkin

    #21. MMMMOOOOOOAAAAARRRRR red shorts plz

  • geekofalltrades


    The woman on the right… that smile… hnnngghh. I've never submitted a "find her" to the Chive before, but my god…

  • aussieoaks

    #15 MOAR!! of the chivette rockin the boots & redhead please
    #21 MOAR!! of the red shorts
    #34 MOAR!! of the blonde in the gap t-shirt
    #46 MOAR!! of chivette less of the blokes leg

  • UncleRoast

    #1 Fuck yes! Not only did I make The Chive, I MADE THE FUCKING COVER PHOTO!!!!! Now I can die happy! Thanks Chive and thanks Bob!!!

  • @LosTorre

    exclusive shirts arent exclusive anymore

  • DocMartun

    Chivers are embarrassing buffoons.

  • Sarah



  • Canucks_Rule

    #25 – man, i gotta go to mardi gras.

  • upupandaway

    #6 looks like she just found out this was girls gone wild and her dad was watching the video.

  • mead

    haha got to many beads on to tell i have a kcco shirt on!!! made the chive!!!

  • FreyGuy

    # 12 makes my day!
    born and raised Cajun, I know all too well that is from a long rich heritage of Cajun!

    • Zac

      Have to keep it alive!

  • drizzle

    #46 I love her

  • Gooner

    Cant we get a link to the NSFW goodness? You guys must have a ton of amazing pics, chivettes have sent in that are NSFW, that my friends I will call the holy grail!!
    Please share…. someway, somehow

  • meat

    #8 T-TAH!!! WHAT UP!!!!!!

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