Daily Afternoon Randomness (53 Photos)

  • Chris Giordani

    #50 enslaved my soul and sold it on the black market.

  • Willy

    # 50 who is she…I love her haha

  • http://twitter.com/RokNRolla18 @RokNRolla18

    So happy that #14 #36 and #53 shared their amazing humps to us. Very appreciated chiver right here

  • Jawbone

    #22 Sick fucks.

  • tora

    #1 I think the tiger is looking at him like he is the next meal

  • matthew

    For the love of god who is #7?!?!?

    • alex

      Nice totties, sure, but I need to know who #28 is, stat!

  • VeronicaCorningstone

    #50 this is magic and #51 this is bears

  • Danger

    #21 please be a utah state aggie *_*

  • Thomas

    #4 #10 #12 #52 and #53

  • olgreybush

    #11 wtf do you order to cost $214 that is fucking insane

  • andrew2172

    #10 #14 #53 I'm addicted to these humps

  • juan

    #10, #28, #50 Wow

  • xlgmedium

    #23 Did you hurt anything by landing so stiff legged.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #23 – ok props to mac for pulling this off.

  • the devil

    #25 DAMN APPLE MAPS!!!

  • kennethnoisewater

    I know #21

    • PITFU


    • Aggie_Chiver

      What's her name? Cuz I took the picture haha.

      • kennethnoisewater


        • Aggie_Chiver

          Her name actually is not Lauren. But Lauren must have a nice ass! haha

          • aggie14'

            thats my gf

            • Aggie_Chiver

              Who's your girlfriend? The girl in the picture or this Lauren girl that Kenneth is talking about? Because I'm positive that the girl in the picture is not your gf lol.

  • jamie

    #7 #20 Fellow Chivers… We need names !! Find Them .

  • Seriously

    #14 MOAR please!

  • wow

    #53 So do we!

  • Fortune Teller

    I hope you don't find the spare beer I have hidden in your girlfriend's trunk.

  • FanOfBigBlueBlondes

    Blonde? Check.
    Blue eyes? Check.
    Big up top? Check.

  • josh p

    whoooa. there's somethin weird goin on with her hips or somethin yo.
    don't put her on here again.. sick man.

    • Kitty cat

      That's part of her ass dumbass…..

  • http://twitter.com/PortiaWendel @PortiaWendel

    Where the hell is #36 's nipple? That is entirely to much boob.. weird nipple placement!

  • https://www.facebook.com/mike.craigie.9 Mike Craigie

    Hey Chive. Can you PLEASE remove the picture of the pedophile making child porn and report that sleazebag to the cops? Thanks to you, now EVERYONE who has looked through this gallery now has child porn on their computers and/or phones. This is SERIOUSLY WRONG and you crossed the line with this. This IS NOT AMUSING. I want my money back from buying your app.

  • cjay

    #10 #36 PLEASE FIND AND MOAR !!!
    #26 You're an awsome kid.
    #38 Now thats funny.

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