I have so many questions (33 Photos)

  • iphonebatterydrain

    again….ffs first time was hard

  • ADHD

    #23 dammit the spinning color wheel again

  • http://www.richz.com/fishing/blog RichZ

    #32 No dummy, fat cop has a radio. You can't outrun radio waves.

    • fff

      FAT COP CANT REACH THE RADIO. Shit, why am I yelling

  • LineHog

    #27 is that really a carrot?

  • Jason

    #12 Atlantic Canada's finest words to live by.

  • zgl

    #11 – seriously, wtf? wrestling was one of the original olympic sports.
    #27 – im not sure whats going on here, but i seem to like it.

  • MissVega84

    #33 Waffu?? WAFFU? WAFFU!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #33 – the green men!! the point of the waffles taunt was, in the leafs previous game they had stunk so bad in a loss one of their frustrated fans threw waffles on the ice.

    go canucks go!!

  • 1911Neil

    You forgot Hansel and Gretel in 3D

  • LOL

    #19 P- FUNK represent!

    • ORFL

      LoL word

  • Peoria Sucks

    Brought to you from Main Street of Peoria, Illinois

    You know what they say: 'If it plays in Peoria…"

  • Caspertoo

    #27 I can't help but think that's a break between shooting on the set of some porn movie.

  • wolfbastion

    #33 has to do with a guy pissed at the leafs who started throwing ego waffles on the ice in protest of how bad they were doing that season. it then became kind of a running gag. Funny cause this was top news in Canada a few years ago lol.

  • blue_bronco

    Raising Arizona was a pretty good movie.

  • Seldi84

    #28. Well it happened to Snow White, it's happening to Sleeping Beauty. Hollywood has run out of ideas so are just copying what the other studios are doing. God knows how they are going to rip off Star Wars, when they come out.

  • xlgmedium

    #3 The picture is from the movie, Raising Arizona.

  • mandythedestroyer

    #33 made my day

  • TheFrontier

    #32 Yes

  • sam

    #32 hell yeah backwards around the car just to piss him off
    #11 is a joke right
    #21 cause the government had a hand in that

  • Telephone Man

    #32: Guy is from my town, got fired over his weight, then sued. Lost a bunch of weight, got another guy fired over his firearm recert. Now has won his case, but is on disability. In the midst of this, the Chief of Police has some sketchy dealings with a married woman and resigned. You can't make this shit up!

  • ColorforDAYS

    #28 : Why.

  • Justino

    #33 Did he get 2 minutes for stealing someones Eggo?

  • thetech2

    #12 yes Julian it fuckin is just cause you got your fuckin grade ten doesn't make you smarter than me

  • BradleyStudent

    #19 Peoria is a champion right there. WOO! Peoria, IL

  • SD_Scott

    Literally laughing out loud at #33

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