I wish they weren’t, but these things are all just too true (33 Photos)

  • Alex

    I was stuck on #3 because it was so hilarious! And #22, seriously if YouTube was a person I'd beat the shit out of it for all the ugly plastic surgery and the damn stalking, ain't nobody got time for their real names on YouTube!

  • Garth

    #27 – How I picture a first date
    (maybe her)

  • civage

    #27… why are the guy's feet in the lower image so small? Do guys imagine their first date as an eight year old getting head from a college girl. Oooops. Self-answering question.

    • Tucker

      The jeans and the shoes look more like an adolescent girl than boy. Neither though, is appealing. The ick factor on this one went high on the ick meter.

  • techno_viking

    #27 Never date a girl who has bigger feet than you.

  • rsjem1979


    I don't picture any dates that feature myself wearing stonewashed skinny jeans.

  • Gallus

    #30 is so very true!!!

  • Jeff

    Those are Alpacas.

    • Bi-polar Polar Bear

      Ooh! Look at the big brain on Jeff… Oh, wait. Those are alpacas. Good job, Jeff!

  • Glenn Simpson

    #12 My theory is that it's because we often look at the time to see what time it ISN'T. Like you have to leave at 7:30 to get somewhere. You look at your phone, verify it's NOT 7:30, and then go on. Someone asks what time it is, you'd have to look again because all you did the first time was process what time it isn't.

    • Craigery

      I've been trying to wrap my head around why this happens, but you stated it pretty well.

      • BrainsAreMostlyFat

        Great theory, Glenn. I agree. I also agree with the folks who say that time does not exist. That is, it's an artificial creation and all that does exist is matter and motion (or energy). So, our evolutionary brain can sense the general "time" of day, e.g. morning, afternoon, evening, etc., but fails to register it to the minute (or sometimes, to the hour), except for when it's important for some other reason, like "leave at 7:30".

  • Craigery

    #6 For me, the opposite. When single, I kept them trimmed. Now that I'm married, it's a forest down there.

  • Barrymackokener

    Damn you #1 my brain just keeps letting it happen 😦

  • http://tomisclever.blogspot.com tom g

    #2 he's planning on retiring to a convent… so i think he has this dating thing figured out already.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #22 Can't YouTube take a hint that I don't want to use my full name??

  • erikhart

    #6 is backwards!

  • The Occupant

    The real truth of the matter is . . .it's all your brain.

  • TheFrontier

    #15 Son of a bitch!

  • guest

    How old is the "guy" in #27? 9?

  • Ryan

    Can someone please explain #28 to me? I really don't understand it.

    • Dan

      The snooze on an Iphone alarm is nine minutes. I know this very well.

      • GettingOldSucks

        Wow. We are in the 21st Century.
        FYI, most alarm clocks (if you've heard of them) had a snooze function of nine minutes. Now stay of my lawn!

        • gettingoldsucks

          …off my lawn.

  • Pants

    #29 I told her it was a good idea but nooooo she ain't that kinda ho.

  • Why bother?

    #9. "Cleaning my room" pie charts?! When can we expect the "hot girls on the monkey bars at recess" gallery?

    • Inquiring Minds

      So, you just don't clean your room anymore or what?
      I'll settle for this pie chart and raise your "monkey bars at recess" to "stripper's pole at the club"…

  • http://www.2guyswalkintoabar.com readybeeill

    #27 is a great couple fly kicks keep a couple together.

  • NotaLlama

    #33 often…..often

  • digs

    #24 I cannot figure out what the hell s.o. means

    • BenDerDunDatGotHat

      Significant other.
      And this is great advice. I wish someone had told me this before the divorce…

  • Bill

    #6 Let's face it this dude's bush resembles the second picture. no way he's trim. not that I'm picturing his bush. ok I am. Still I'd prefer if the carpet matched the lawn for the sake of the analogy. thanks chive

  • JasperOreo

    #14 is so me. People always think I'm still asleep while I'm actually watching TV/on the computer/ whatever waiting for them to leave so I don't have to interact with them.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Maybe you should get different house-mates…

  • SLy_C

    Where the hell are the PREV and NEXT buttons?

    I can't chive like this…

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