Nothing wrong with a little junk in the trunk (50 Photos)

  • horncusker

    While you are hot, you seem a bit like a slob, which gets old REAL quick…still hot – just sayin

  • crash25

    The correct answers are #8,#10,#28,#41,#48

  • Señor Cockblock

    Best post ever.

  • SeanFzL

    Where are the buttons at the bottom of each album that used to let me switch to the next album or the previous one!!?!!?!?!? GRRRR

  • ben

    mmmmm #48

  • SOhioChiver

    #7 #32 same Chivette?

    • kevin

      Yep. Duckface gives her away.

  • tom g

    #12 i like.

    also, what happened to the shower curtain girl?

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    39 Haha – photoboming yourself takes talent.

  • ghostwriter

    Now Chive, you got it wrong. In order to have junk you first must have a trunk to put it in. Junk in the trunk means you have a big ass. NONE of these girls have big asses… Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that none of these girls have nice asses. They are all nice and very well sculpted Yes, but no junk…

  • Jeeps350

    #23 As a dentist I have to say I highly recommend her choice of toothbrush along with her incredible hump. Lucky man that she Chives for.

  • sherry

    michigan and 47 email me

  • wise

    #30 Kaboom!

  • JUtah

    #45 all day

  • Dr.Jones

    #50 most plz

  • SD_Scott


  • Jdog

    I am shocked that no knows who #48 is. Pls Find Her

  • Doug

    What is this? A bunch of rubbish. I remember when the humps were actually WORTH looking at. These are just knockoffs. Rubbish!

  • Assman

    OMG!!! 42, 46, 48 are absolutely heavenly. I love the view on 42, that is a nice different angle. They all have lovely junk. Or should I say non-junk. perfect round booties.

  • James C

    #48 Wins Hump DAR

  • Barry

    #11 just cant help but love our Michigan chivettes!

  • cd4747

    #48 for the win

  • freezer boy

    #1,#4,#48,#50 Very beautiful.

  • carter

    damn had to comment on #25 again bag that one up imma take that one home.

    • anon

      Yes it is nice, i got her at my house though.

    • carter

      Damn must be having fun with that man.

  • CW Dana

    #2 – Clean your FUCKING room.

  • zgl

    #8 – lovely
    #30 – fee fi fo fum i like ur bewbies and ur bum!
    #32 – wowsers bowsers!

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