Russian Clubs, where SEXY and WTF have a play date (30 HQ Photos)

  • Razzle Dazle

    I'm going to Russia

    • MylesofStyles

      Bring me back a T-shirt.

    • drewscriver

      They are starting to give even Japan a run for its money…

      • ZeAnonymous

        Trust me, I lived in Russia my whole life and it started way longer ago….

    • Desperado

      I'm with you bro, and first stop is club FC

    • Mustafa Balboa

      Always wondered where Sean Penn liked to hang out. Makes sense he would be partying in a former communist country.


  • Bud

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Is that thing alive? #8

    • M.O.D

      One of the BEST movie lines ever!

  • ahaukedal

    i want to go to there


      me too

  • Porkins

    No shirt for me, but at least I get to see a really bad paint job #22

    • Skermitt

      I love how if you cover a nipple with paint it immediately makes it fine to show in public / TV / theChive. Greatest loop hole ever!

  • Jeff

    Oh, couldn't show us a front view of #22 could you? 🙂

  • PHL

    #15 Just sexy

    • Why not

      Never wanted to go to a lemon party before, but…

  • Chiver

    #2 MOAR

    • Dexter

      how to make a career fast …show some skills and your best profile .Nicely done lady , you're hired, now get to my office .

  • No_Filter_HOOK

    #22 Nice bike, bad helmet…#30 love the mouth.

    • arawn

      Nice Bike, bad helmet. I can't believe I haven't heard that before… Thank you, I've got to steal that one.

  • Biscuit

    Wow, almost every girl is good looking in this post.

  • Yup

    #2 I would like to see the picture taken from the iPhone in the back…

  • 1calichiver

    Proof Russians are crazy…MOAR of #1 on her back would be nice!

    • flyingzombie

      Both please!

  • greg

    Yeah, I want to party with the russians. Chive meet up in Russia?

    • Tabarouette

      Fuck this shit

  • mark

    this post is like looking at a weird version of the USA

  • F Liepkin

    #23. Still not good enuf for Russian Olympic team, but good enuf for Russian Stripper team

    • dirtysanchez

      Next level 69 !!

  • Wacko30

    #13 Pretty cute girls!

    • Jon

      If you're into 15 year olds.

      • Bob Épine

        R. Kelly is.

    • North

      The eyes on the one on the left….yes please

  • DannoTheManno88

    #22 MOAR

  • Grouchio

    Looks fun as hell- better than any club I've been to!

  • Josh

    I'm going clubbing in Russia before I turn 30

  • Baroni06

    #28 Gorgeous

    • lexluthr

      second that… wow simply beautiful

  • rooster

    Ok Chive. When can we expect more like this?

  • TheVanityScore

    see i was wondering when the wtf part was going to happen. then i saw #8

    • Dr. Gonzo

      You know that's a guy, right?

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #22 Nipples are fun

    • MonkeyMadness

      I like nipples.

  • acupofjoe

    #30 OHHHH FACE!

    • Frankee

      Happy ninja is happy..

  • saltygary

    #18 Fat boy gangster belly popped a button loose.

    • SOhioChiver

      his name is buck and he likes to f$$k

    • flyingzombie

      Looks like Kevin Spacey gained a few pounds after House of Cards finished filming…

  • NeedleFapper

    Great tits #22, but the girl in blue , #11, wins!

    • Eric

      I'd give the yellow a 10! wingman lol

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