The KCCO’s are back! Including long sleeve KCCO’s!

kcco lead1 The KCCOs are back! Including long sleeve KCCOs!

After being sold out for months, The KCCO’s have returned to theCHIVERY! All of our shirts are now custom cut and sewn right here in the USA. We really did put a ton of work into making the perfect t-shirt. With the gold foil label and QR codes, the shirts are impossible to forge.

And we know y’all have been waiting for this… the super-soft KCCO Hoodies are back in men’s and women’s sizes. It’s like wearing a hug.

The KCCO Tee (including the new long sleeve) available RIGHT HERE.

Green and Black KCCO Hoodies available RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: All men’s and women’s sizes SOLD OUT.

  • Jerry P.

    Sold out?! Been trying to get a shirt for months!! Reeeaaallllyyy

  • Livin' Legend

    I wasn't even trying to get one of these, but I refreshed the page from about ten minutes ago and what do I see? "Shirts on sale!" That's cool, I had no idea, maybe I'll– "ALL SIZES SOLD OUT"–just wait until next time!

  • @brueapilsner

    To everyone complaining, saying things like "Did they only make like 3 shirts?" take a look at the number of people currently on theChivery during the next launch. Today, the highest visitor count I saw was over 13,000. All of whom are trying to snag a shirt. KCCO!

  • Corey

    next time print more then 20 per size please.

  • Paul

    KCCO!!! I need your business model. Then I could get to work at 7am and be done by 7:02am. Hoodies sell SO FAST…but we gots ours! See you in ATL 2/22

  • Why bother?!

    Wow. Who'd have thought that all 12 shirts you made available would have sold out so quickly?

  • TucsonPhil

    Got mine! Super stoked. FIrst chive shirt I'll own.

  • Champagne Legacy

    Can we keep John the hell out of the posts on this site? It's ruining it. The guys' sad Eeyore eyes makes me want to kill koala bears!

  • fyre

    hey. whats the price on a hoodie? i keep missing the launches so i never get to see how much they are? thanks!

    • @brueapilsner


      • isaac

        $49.99 including shipping

        • General_80

          $54.15 with shipping to Europe
          I can't believe I managed to get me green hoodie. So happy!

          Oh…and you can check the price of each item even if it's sold out. Just click on a "sold out" button and the options will popup (with prices and option to get notifications when they're going to be available again)

  • WaGGuM

    First Chive shirt for me as well – Black hoodie pumped upp

  • Matt

    So if I get an order confirmation, I'm good? Said during checkout that the hoodies were sold out, but was still able to complete the order and got email confirmation

    • Ryan

      Ya you should be good. Just email them at the chivery they are awesome about emailing back.

  • Brian

    FAIL…Like usual, we only printed off 20 of each…all sold out…better luck next time suckers!!! Still the worst business model on the planet…the Chivery! Disappointing thousands every month.

    • OhioChiver

      you're a moron. obviously you don't get the concept. if they made so many shirts that they didn't sell out and where always available then everyone would have one and then what would be special about them? nothing. they're supposed to be hard to get, that's what makes them so coveted.

      • Dizzle

        1. Create website that is mostly other crap easily found on Internet
        2. Have viewers submit rest of content
        3. Create under supplied market for catch-phrase clothing and assorted goods
        4. Rake in the dough

  • Jason

    Got the KCCO shirt and green hoodie!

  • Pete

    WTF… FML I can never get one ;(

  • Devlin

    Got a bfm last week and a long sleeve this week…..Awesome

  • Jason

    Awwww Man! I really wanted one of these Tee Shirts…why make so few?

  • anditisLiz

    :'-( I'm too late!! I just want a KCCO hoodie…

  • pat

    since tshirts sold out in 97 seconds i just bid $50 for one on ebay. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT CHIVE?????

    • Scott

      Lol, your a fucking moron if you bid 50 bones for a T SHIRT. Get a knockoff.

  • Tim

    Ok so yesterday on the Android app I see where they will be available at 3PM PST. I am also signed up for notification when they are available. Boom they go on sale at 12 PST. No email. This make 6 times I have missed them. If I can't get an official one next time I'm going knockoff. This is ridiculous.

  • Scott

    Oh well, time to buy a knockoff that will probably fit better and not be tissue thin. Its a T Shirt, how awesome can it really be?

    • Slick D

      Really awesome.

  • yes please

    Being that everyone thinks you only print 20 of each shirt, how many do you actual print Chive? It'd be good to know the numbers and may humble people to know how in demand they really are

  • Gokage

    BTW: How is the gold foil label and QR code impossible to forge? I'm sure it wouldn't be that difficult.

  • Flyemlow

    How the fuck are we supposed to get the gear when shit is sold out before I can even hit the check out button? WTF Chive? Been a loyal Chiver since before you got popular from the armless Vet that did all that free national advertising for you. You guys are no longer "Probably the best site in the world." Dicks!

  • Prettyswellguy

    I guess I'll have to buy stuff from Ebay next since I was trying to get a T-shirt 4:04(atl time) and they were sold out by the time I clicked proceed to checkout!

    • wup wup

      considering that you were an trying to buy an hour after everything was sold out I don't think you had much of a chance.

    • wup wup

      considering you were trying to buy an hour after everything was sold out I don't think you had much of a chance

      • Jimmymantuttu

        They went live at 4:00, 4:04 is 4 mins later. You do not know your time zones. Atlantic time is 4 hrs ahead of Pacific time and one hour ahead of eastern.

        • Slick D

          Lol uhhh… You may wanna google that shiz.

        • JONNY

          Yeah, you are only 3 hours ahead of us… you should have tried at 3 your time.

  • Jax Chiver

    Finally got a pair of Tees headed my!!

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