• Mars

    Why would be pass out? Those wouldn't affect him that fast

    • Marv Hartigan

      Really Doogie Howser? Feel free to tell us how the bump on your head feels after you do the same

    • alex w.

      I call bullshit. Stupd English inbred faggots!!!

      • anon

        English??? you genius alex w surely you can recognise they're not speaking your own language!!!

      • Alex blows goats

        English? Seriously? Are you that fucking stupid?

    • Livin' Legend

      Incompatible booze. Everyone knows Russians shoot vodka like water.

      • Tabernak

        They're french

      • Ed

        That was not vodka, it was Johnny Walker Red. Pretty strong whiskey.

        • Boston Chiver

          uisce beatha…aka water of life…aka scotch…aka drop the e.

          • Drive4Show

            Nailed it. Whisky indeed. And let's not go around touting how badass an over produced blended scotch is, whaddaya say Ed?

    • Michel

      To be more specific, french canadian. Damn I,m proud to be one after seeing that. Bunch of moron. Cannot hold liquor

      • Buh-buh-butta


    • Done son

      Thanks Dr. House. But he was probably already hammered before he started.

    • Tom

      I think he was holding his breath and passed out. Much like weight lifters who pass out because they forget to breathe in.

      • The devil

        Thank you! Finally someone who understands that if you don't breathe you will pass out, or to 90% who comment here; If you don't breathe, you're gonna have a bad time

    • Rhomboid

      Depends on your tolerance, too. I can drink a half a bottle of whiksey no problem, but 3 shots of vodka and I'm down for the count.

    • Dave

      Vasovagal response frm gagging. A lot of people get faint from gagging or throwing up.

    • Dave

      It's a vasovagal response from gagging. A lot of people faint/ passout from gagging or vomiting.

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    Maybe it's me or maybe it's the alcohol talking…but effing with Darwin like that almost never leads to anything good.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo
    • Beety

      This made me laugh. Thumbs up echogeo.

    • Pedro


    • Tk42175

      Thank you so much for that laugh.

    • Canucks_Rule

      hahahaha!! well done sir.

      how do u embed a pic that isn't in the thread?

      • G_Had

        HTML code 😉

    • GuntherSquirrel

      This made my day! ROFL!!!

  • Skrewed

    HAHAHA. Lack of Oxygen possibly caused him to temporarily black out / lose balance. Similar to a whip-it!

    • TheVanityScore

      that and he was probably already drunk before he did the shots and he was going to pass out regardless

  • bigyawns

    9 more than I've taken in a row

    • Shirtless = Gay

      Maybe if he chugged 10 beers in a row I'd care. Oh look I can pound 10 dixie cups worth of ass liquor and go to the hospital Im awesome.

      • DocHR

        haha! i like this guy^^^

  • crustybubblechunks

    Stop handing them off to your strong hand and start double fisting

  • Enternamehere

    Look out… We got a bad ass over here!!!

  • HeavyP

    Ugh. Shooting cheap scotch, no wonder he was fighting the urge to vomit the whole time.

    • Dude

      Looked like Red Label to me.

  • Texas

    I don't see why it was necessary to take your shirt off for this…

    • Mike

      I'm assuming his extreme lack of intelligence caused his shirt to come off long before this became a good idea.

    • ThatGuy

      Because it wasn't t-shirt time. Duh…

    • Kristen

      So that faggot chivers could fap to it.

      • Burt

        boy that escalated quickly

    • _DoC_

      probably in anticipation of the pending vomit fest.

  • Tom

    Silly Europeans

    • Purorg

      Those are from Québec Canada, not Europeans, although thats nothing to be proud of after this.

      • ba12348

        French Canadians. Same Idea.

        • Child Please

          Yeah, same thing.

          -My fellow Americans

          • Betterthanyou

            Jealous that Americans can say things like that and not care.

            -The rest of the the world

  • youreascrub

    ten shots of johnnie walker red, what a waste of good scotch whiskey…

    • Walter

      Red label is their cheapest. If it was Green or better (ie, Gold or Blue), I would agree with you. And even then Johnnie Walker is pretty middle of the road as far as scotch is concerned.

      • 5eagles

        Well said, Walter.

    • yoyo

      johnnie walker red..? good scotch?.. Suree….

    • Kristen

      Johnnie Walker Red sucks ass. Try Dalwhinnie.

      • CR1

        Or sack up and try some Laphroaig or Lagavullin

        • Claude

          or stop thinking manhood comes in a bottle.

          • LoveJohnnie

            The snobbery that comes out when red label is discussed is ridiculous

  • prison_mike

    pussy i do that every morning before work grow a set of balls you loser bitch

    • Free mike!

      Prison mike lol that name screams double penetration by good ole boys in jail this guy went into the pen with an ass hole and came out with a manhole lol

      • Skermitt

        Nah he's just trolling, don't feed him.

  • tv_paul

    Shots through the liver and you're to blame, buddy you give drunks a bad name

    • Epitomizer

      Verbal thumbs up. You know, cause the mobile sight is fucked.

  • Alex

    Reminds me why I'm not always proud to be a french Canadian here in Quebec (Everybody heard that "Tabarnak" when he face planted right?) 😛 Learn to drink kid!

    • passionboxster

      Tu as bien raison … !! Quand ça viens d'ailleurs ont trouve ça drôle, mais lorsque ça viens d'ici, c'est moins… Glorifiant !!

      • Alex

        C'est bien la première fois que je vois un commentaire en français sur TheChive 😛

        • SLy_C

          Pas la dernière…

          Chive Meetup MTL?

          On invite pas l'idiot dans l'film.

          • passionboxster

            J'ai déjà trois buddy assuré !! 🙂

  • North

    The French have never won a war…further evidence of why

    • Burp

      Yeah! Suck it Napoleon!

    • that redneck smell

      Hahaha!! You value a country for their war abilities, no wonder why you struggle to have a free healthcare and a affordable education for everyone! haha!!

      • Tyler

        What good is any of that when your country gets invaded? Twice! And liberated by the same country you talk shit about. Ass

        • Im a banana!

          Im pretty sure the French helped you guys out in a pretty important war of your own. That whole establishing your country thing against the English.

          • Tyler

            Sure, about as much as a lobbyist helps a president win an election. France was for us, what we did for the Afghans when the soviets invaded. Did.. You want to talk about history or are you just making chit chat?

            • James

              By the way, for you ignorant people out there, they were not french from France, they were from Quebec and Canada was only invaded once and they beat the Americans in that one and pushed them back. Of course we know that wouldn't happen today because America prides itself on war and hostility and the right of every American to own a gun so they can shoot up any school they want….

              • tyler

                Because all American gun owners shoot up schools.

              • Tyler original

                Well you are talking to Americans from America. Most of us are pretty disillusioned to the fact that our country isnt perfect. The U.S. has done some things, especially during the cold war that im not particularly proud of. But fact remains this is still the greatest country, dont believe me look at the rest of the world that mirrors our culture and style. Driving a car? Invented here. Have electricity? Here. My point is i guess is that you french, canadian, whatever that bag on us just end up looking like jealous little brothers. Just stop hating, kcco

                • Jim

                  Your an idiot, if you want to get technical. The first powered automobile was built buy a French guy in France in the early 18th century. And the discovery of electricity was not invented by the USA all you did was take an idea and make it better. Don't think I am right? Do a little research….idiot.

                  • Aww yesh

                    Stop drinking hateraid and start drinking bubble tea bitches because by the time you read this the Chinese will own joor ass!

                  • Tyler

                    But i didnt research, thats the point. America is known for the birth of the automobile because we got it right. Likewise with electricity. We took and idea and made it practical got use. You got anything else wikipedia'ed for me ? I will say this tho, the french sure have surrender down to a TEE

                    • Ack

                      America is more known for the mass production of the automobile. Also dont forget the french invented the menage a trois, democracy, and existentialism

                    • Olgie

                      Dude… calm down… Fact is that once on the battlefield, french Canadians have been known as some of the toughest soldiers on the planet. They did vote against going to war more than once, but that is mainly due to the fact that they've always been used as cannon fodder by, you guessed it, English speaking officers… And on the subject of France during WWII, if you see an army far superior in numbers and technology, you have a choice: die or live to fight another day. Which is what they did.

                  • miguel perez

                    You're* by*
                    Also, your first sentence doesn't make sense to what you're trying to say. He's an idiot for wanting to get technical? I think what you meant was "You're an idiot. If you want to get technical, the first powered…. ". Do you see the difference poor grammar can make? Who's the idiot now?

            • hhgfd

              groundhogs day!

  • Matthew

    Ugh, Johnny Walker Red Label. That was mistake number one, right there.

  • Trevahhh

    They all must be wasted. You can't even understand what they're saying…

  • Mike

    Hooray for alcohol poisoning! All you people that are stupid enough to think this and similar antics are good ideas need to get out of the gene pool now.

    • soapbox

      Agreed. This stuff isn't funny–people DIE from this garbage. Stick to good photos of a cold pint atop a beautiful polished bar, next to a delicious cheezeburger, Chive. Show alcohol the respect it deserves.

      • weelee

        WHY is marijuana illegal in my stat & this is perfectly acceptable??

    • CowboyBebop

      He was in the middle of trying to escape the gene pool through an alcohol induced trans-dimensional rift, its pretty obvious he just dove for the portal a little early.

  • twavor

    That'll learn him….

    Oh, and he needs to pull up his pants!

  • ChiTownChiver

    I threw up for him. Disgusting

  • Spelling Police

    I don't know which side of the fence to go on this. Either, "I hope he dies of alcohol poisoning" or "It's fake; he was just drinking apple juice."

    • MBNS

      Why would you ever hope that a total stranger dies?

  • Magi More

    <img src="http://am.apparelbookstore.info/I.jpg"/>We got a bad ass??I think yes.

  • Captain

    Once I took two shots in a row and I got a blackout after half hour.. so possibly he's dead..

    • Really?

      Are you a 2 year old girl? 2 shots come on

  • BillyEN4C

    what a puss

  • BEAST 24

    In Soviet Russia , liquor shoots you !!

    • Max

      It's in Quebec actually.

      • SEA253

        Damn .. we have a geography major over here!! It was a joke Fucktard !

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