• jokerz4fun

    Alcohol 1
    Douchebag 0

  • dirty_toenail

    Boring…Let's discuss Christopher Dorner dropping a KCCO into his manifesto…….

    • Jack

      Interesting. Had not seen that before.

      Chive nation be proud.

  • reggie1610

    Should be shot with a ball of his own shit.

  • Fatt Mord

    Did he just die? …..yeah, he's dead.

  • Szymon

    In Russia or Poland you chug a fifth and then still make it out…

  • Tbone

    What an idiot

  • TXRebel

    Simple……………You paralyze the stomach…idiot!!

  • jathor

    Quebecers (Quebecois) bro

  • Captain Grovel

    What a wuss. Pass out instantly from 20 ounces of 80 proof booze???

    Last time I knocked out a large volume like that (fifth of Grand Marnier in a large shaker glass in one breathe) I drove home 8 miles before getting anywhere close to that wasted (it was was before DWI became such a big deal). Of course, although the same strength, GM is easier to chug than scotch.

    Rugrats can't drink.

  • Tyler

    You know what. You win mr. French canadian comment man. I dont have time to match wikipedia look up skills with you. I will however, show you that as an American i will tolerate your bullshit and respect the canadian flag. Whether the flag be waving on land, sea, a hockey game or on the moon. Oh wait…. Its not on the fucking moon is it?

  • Taco

    put a shirt on

  • http://www.a2ddigital.com Doug

    it's funny how it's all in a foreign language until he swears..

  • von Mises

    Nothing funnier than acute alcohol poisoning and/or possible death. Alcoholism is equally hilarious. maybe they can show a follow up video of him beating his infant child. Always a riot.

  • ilovebootyhoes

    did anyone else do the vinegar face while watching that ?

  • Tim

    This is how we pregame in Wisconsin

  • http://www.facebook.com/kam.minatrea Kam Minatrea

    I wish stupid people would do more stuff that can kill you…

  • Jeremy Cox

    HAHAHAHA! He died.

  • gavin

    what a tool!

  • Fred Masse

    On est capable de faire les épais, même au Québec.

  • Canucks_Rule

    oh u crazy russians.

  • http://twitter.com/kars0091 @kars0091

    are you guys fucking serious chive??? this kid could be dead after this. grow the fuck up. why would you support this on your site seriously? lost a lot of respect from a loyal chivette

    • ChristOnACracker

      I know you get all emotional when you see someone in the kitchen other than a woman, but its ok, there should be wifi in there for you, so scoot along darling

  • Jeff

    RIP drunk guy

  • ChristOnACracker

    Well, a.) There is no way anyone would pass out that quickly from that, you would simply throw it up and b.) French Canadian, you can tell by the way they says "Oui" and "deux." Most french speakers would know that. Who the fuck was saying Russian???

    • jathor

      every one is saying he's russian except you, me and some other guy, lol

  • Jawbone


  • brian

    over what

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