You can find beauty in the strangest places (30 Photos)

  • MissChris

    #22 Aw. Sportsmanship.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – this makes me so happy.

  • human

    Not really finding the beauty in #3 . Building is burning down and firefighter bro stops to 'gram a pic of him chucking the deuces?

    • sub-human

      Well I can't say it makes it right, but the building is far and beyond saving at that point, firefighters are just making sure it doesn't spread and letting it burn out.
      And maybe it is as you say and he's 'gramming deuces on the job because YOLO brah' but that may be out of context. I had the same thought at first but who knows… just saying.

  • RyanMS3

    #14 How the Eye of Sauron was created….

  • Morgan

    #4 smash that fucker #15 hahahahahah #10 cool #15 lame

  • Boss

    #17 kamayhamayhaaaaaaa

  • VenezuelanChiver112

    #30 One of the best feelings in the world

  • Taylor West

    #22 made me laugh so hard haha

  • Flipster

    Anyone know where #5 is?

  • dollface

    #21 is a tear jerker!!! 😥

  • Brendan Hay

    #21 R.I.P Brother… De Oppresso Liber.

  • Sir

    # 21 The story behind this pic hit me fucking hard.

  • SLy_C

    Where the hell are the PREV and NEXT buttons?

    I can't chive like this…

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