Adult entertainment stars before they ran away from home (12 Photos)

  • Hrdwood

    #13 This last one almost gave me a heart attack… whoops, sorry.

    • Courtesy Flush

      The Hedgehog. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

      • tv_paul

        Well at his age and you think of the amount of blood it takes to get him to full mast it's really not a surprise why he has heart problems.

        • Hrdwood

          Kinda ironic if he popped an artery and it started spraying every where…

  • prostreet68

    #8 Traci Lords still would.

    • Oltimey

      Sorry……but not with Paula's dick and Mac pushing

    • m.c.

      She really change much in between because… well… never mind.

  • No_Filter_HOOK

    #12, she's smokin hot in every pic……

  • almost perfect

    Without the big dick, he'd be forever a virgin.

    • jflame

      without a dick we all would

      • John

        You're so clever bro.

    • Truth

      Actually it was a former girlfriend who first sent pics of him into an adult mag.

      • tv_paul

        Must have used a wide angle lens.

  • rooster

    Traci Lords was my first

    • Chuck Schick

      First vicitm of fap

  • GuntherSquirrel

    #1 and #12 *drools* #13 THE HEDGEHOG!!!!

  • tv_paul

    #11 In which career has she encountered more seamen?

    • No_Filter_HOOK


    • Telephone Man

      Her real name is Stephanie Woodcock. Isn't that enough?

    • TheBAMFinater

      You were at 69 likes when saw this.

      • tv_paul

        I wish!

    • Yo Yo Ma

      You win this round.

    • p_rock

      Probably the best pun I've read on TheChive in at least a year. Well done, brother.


    Super depressing

  • Do0zer

    #8 I don't know how far away from home you can run when you start the adult industry at the age of 16.

    • Norma

      Fifteen, but who's counting?

      • fastfreddie``

        one hot 15yr old.

  • Hunter

    #2 Island Fever 3 FTW

  • RadDude

    I've never heard of any of these name … I swear :/

    • DirtBag

      Apparently you have never watched porn in your whole life..

      • The_Dood

        Or he's like me, and doesn't give a flying fuck what the chick's name is…
        That said, I probably knew who Jenna and Ron were by age 12. The rest however, hell if I know.

  • SD_Scott

    #1 and #12 got wayyyy hotter…

    • namboobs

      I agree

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 #5 #12 – *facepalm* to any dude that had a chance to nail them in high school… and didn't.

    • DDD

      Im sure PLENTY did… They didnt become Pornsters because they hate sex

    • Ithink

      "Taylor Rain loves anal." has been written on many bathroom walls.

    • Rognuts

      I didn't know 12 well in high school. I know her her first husband did her wrong tho which is what led to porn.

      • Canucks_Rule

        ya, a cheating husband would do it. lol. btw, ur old school chum has some pretty epic pole smoking skills.

        def nsfw. –>

  • GO RON!

    #13 The Hedgehog will never die!

  • SaltLakeChiver

    #9 – Actually has an IQ of 156, and is a member of MENSA. Kinda flips your perception of what these people are like offscreen, no?

    • @cynical_0ne

      I'm sure her parents are so proud.

    • DDD

      Doesnt take a high IQ to know the P.O.P.

    • Dongle

      156? Sure….

      • Hmmm

        Ya, I don't know if I'm buyin that either…

        • Sandman

          It's true. Don't know how high her IQ is but she is a member of MENSA.

          • JustBrowsing

            Wikipedia says she is, but she isn't in the Mensa directory (under either name)…..

            • Spelling Police

              Check out the documentary "After Porn Ends." She talks about how for years MENSA wouldn't list her in their directory. Apparently, her husband died, leaving her with a child. She now lives in Utah.

      • El_Hefe

        At least that's what wiki is saying. I know she does have a super high IQ, just don't know the exact number. But she's in Mensa so that by itself means its up there

    • Dong Juan

      Why would that change my perception? Unless you mean porn stars are magical and only exist when I push PLAY.

    • Greg

      She's also a classical pianist… like, professional-level classical pianist. The sexiest thing about this woman is how smart she is.

      • SaltLakeChiver

        I believe she played at Carnegie Hall once or twice.

    • Ems

      I love you videos

    • Shari

      Not really. I never thought IQ had anything to do with any of it. When you hear about the money it's not impressive either. Some people crave the attention from this kind of forum, duh! No different then any professional gets something of an emotional need met from their job. My Assumption is your IQ is low assuming because a job doesn't require a high IQ that you must not have one. Oh by the way, have you ever met anyone who has joined Mensa that wasn't needy for credit? A high IQ is required for Mensa but you must apply and take the test and pay a fee to let everyone know you are a member of Mensa. Needy much?

  • cmlitzenberg

    No Bree Olsen, I mean the chic is from Fort Wayne. Come on Chive represent the hometown would ya!

  • Murph

    How are they gonna keep em down on the farm once they've seen Karl Hungus #1

    • Sweet_Lew

      "You won't believe what happens next"
      "He fixes the cable?"

  • r1rider

    #5 #10 look better as porn stars

  • fng

    #1 & #12 would have then and definetly would now. So fn hot

  • VHF

    Get rid of Jameson, she isn't even remotely cute.

    • Hunter

      Her really early stuff is good. But yeah she really sold out and turned trashy

    • SparkNotes

      I have news for you VHF, you might be gay.

  • ibleedgreenngold

    …and there were all kinds of fucks given that day.

  • Dydy

    #7 After seeing her Bio I got tons of respect for her.

    • Ralph

      Unless you are her father it probably doesn't matter.

  • Jeff L

    #3 – am I the only one who thinks that her "before" picture looks like Andy Serkis, the guy who plays Gollum in LOTR?

    • chocofishez

      Yes you are and you are also a huge loser nerd

  • airbornedaddy72

    Asia Carerra and Belladonna are two of my FAVS. Belladonna is an absolute freakshow! I LOVE HER!

  • Ouch!

    What did daddy do?

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