Let today be your cheat day (36 Photos)

  • r1rider

    I cheat every day – that's why I'm so damn fat

    • Wantomas

      Nothing tastes better than being skinny.

  • samib1331

    I'd cheat with that!

    • samib1331

      Oops. #36

      • Hank Mardukas

        jiggles ever so slightly

  • Haywood Jiblomi

    I gotta wait till cheat day for some mother fucking asparagus? The fuck.

  • OverReactingChiver

    Who puts ketchup on chicken fingers!?


    • jscardwell

      Probably the French.

    • Just Me

      As a resturant owner I can assure you it is a common practice.

      • KetchupLova

        Who DOESNT!?

    • testudo321

      White people!

  • tv_paul

    #9 It looks mouth watering to me.


    #36 I wouldn't mind smothering that ass in some sauce… With my hands

    • open minded

      You mean "You wouldn't mind smothering that ass with "your" sauce…with your…"

    • fff

      i watched this way too long< not sure if I'm horny or hungry

  • FCA

    a single lonely tear came to my eye.

  • dumpster

    and enjoy a nice dump with you valentine

  • baddbuzz

    I need to bring #16 to the next tail-gater . . wow . .Holy shit !

  • RadDude

    #24 That's a nice pan

    • jeff lindsay

      what is that brown thing. oh bread. never could focus on it. sorry

  • fng

    #1 and #36, for the Love of God. If she could make that burger I would Give her anything and everything.

  • doublemeat

    #36 – I could watch this gif all day…

    • dirtysanchez

      Emily Ratajkowski !

  • FLChiver

    #24. Holla, holla, challah at you.

  • ChrisDG74

    #3 – Back in MY day, the King Size had 4 cups.

    • Scott

      Fucking right, and I swear the cups were bigger too.

  • DDD

    #28 Dont waste your cheat day on this shit

  • jscardwell

    You post this on the day that I have vegetables and sweet potatoes for lunch. You have ruined my day.

  • NEXT_Post

    WTF happened to the NEXT button at the bottom of each post. Going back to the homepage each time to see the next post is getting real old

  • Delicious

    #35 Shutup and take my money

  • sfb101

    Why you post this before lunch! Damn I'm hungry!
    I'll have to find me some #14

  • labdogsnharleys

    #36 work that meat girl……

  • James

    Damn you chive, damn you. (says my diet)

  • MattKL

    #9. That is all.

  • jai

    uh, yeah, i'll take a #1 and a #2 please….and can you have #9 deliver it to my house?

  • A Loyal Chiver

    #3, #13, and #28 are soo decilous! Reese Peanut Butter Cups are my absolute favorites! Love "em soo much! I remember also when the King Size Reese cups had four. I think they change it in the past five years. Oreo's and Milk are a match made in heaven. Dang you for the Pizza Hut tease, now I am hungry!!

  • huskerzfan4life

    #36, I could sniff those buns all day long !

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