Sound logic: It won’t be found here (30 Photos)

  • Canucks_Rule

    #6 – hopefully this girl will pull a cobain.

  • echogeo

    Every day, to and from work. Usually there isn't a soul behind me either. She just has to get out there before me.

    • DDD

      Suck a bag of DICKS!!

  • Alumni72

    #14 – not sure what the point is here. Is it the spelling of "Sweetend"? Or is it the initial cost of 75 cents, and that refills cost $1? That's not bad logic – if it's good iced tea, it is just good business sense. Rope them in with a cheap drink, and if they love it and want a refill, BAM – a dollah!

  • sam

    #7-#12 find them

  • Darren

    Besides the flawed logic in #6, comparing Kurt to Justin is like comparing bacon to rabbit shit.

  • Emily

    #6 Apparently they were suspended on Twitter from all the hate towards Lady Gaga, and hopefully general stupidity.

  • Craigery

    #20 Maybe he's rinsing the basket out, not trying to fill it.

  • babaganush

    #30 that must have been quite the rack

  • Condi

    #27 This is every video game ever made

  • cdnalor

    #28 looks like Alison Brie x 10

  • LloydXmas

    #27 . . . he's going for the baby zebra. Probably makes sense to go for the slowest/easiest catch….

  • Underbaker

    #11 Has some logic in it when you know that standardized promotion tests in the Military must have within 2 the same amount of A, B, C, and D answers

  • Anomanom

    #6 Flawed logic, but the Beeb probably is more popular by the numbers.

  • Pants

    #30 Obviously had a foot fetish and was unable to pay attention to dem fine ass boobies or ass.

  • xnikolai

    #6 blasphemy.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #27 The healthy adults are much more likely to out run her, or injure her with a well placed kick, so the predators go for the weak, the sick, the aged, and the juveniles. Just like republican budgets (ba-dump-bump)

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