• Canucks_Rule

    the epitome of dgaf.

  • marco

    Whoever can get by watching more than 3 theChive hosted videos without feeling like they want to shove one of Ron Kovacs Budweiser lights up his yoohoo is probably not human…

    • Canucks_Rule

      agreed. fucking annoying ads. i don't care about ur damn red lights anymore.

    • Wilmah

      just get a ad-blocker and you won't see it. if you use firefox they got good add-ons.

    • adblock

      chrome adblock. lurv it

      • I don't know

        What about people on say iPhones or at work? There's no Adblock for iPhone and generally people at work aren't in control of the browser they use and aren't allowed to install plug ins. What's that, you're just giving a trite reply? Oh ok then.

        • Wilmah

          simple fix. 1. use a computer instead of your phone. 2. quit fucking around at work, you have shit to do.

        • Manny Manderson

          There is an AdBlock for iPhones. 😉

          Also, is it just me or did anyone else find this video really soothing? The snow, the trees, the wind chimes ringing. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

      • anditisLiz

        Yes! I never see one ad with that.

  • jdubx

    dogs > cats

  • Taywoo

    That is an awesome place to live

    • davesnothere

      ….the internet?

      • humantyphoon713

        ROFL! YES!

  • Andy Valentine

    When he was hopping around and you couldn't see his legs, I couldn't help but be reminded of Falcor from The Neverending Story.

  • bro

    what kind of dog is that? retriever and collie? ANYONE KNOW?

  • johnny

    Alec should be fired for this. Is there no QC at the Chive?

  • LCR915

    And that's why I chose a dog over a cat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.howe.96930 Kevin Howe

    What kind of dog is that?

  • Baroni06

    SOMEONE MUST KNOW?! What kind of dog is that? I want one. 🙂

    • BDubs

      Looks to me like a cross between a golden retriever and a red collie. Maybe a retriever and a corgi given that its legs look a little short for its body (though that might just be from the downward camera angle.)

  • Josh

    Scooty doesn't care about the damn birds!

  • Sebbe

    REALLY wants to get ne a dog now.
    someday….. 🙂

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