#TowelThursday always leaves me desperately in need of a cold shower (26 Photos)

  • Matt D

    For the love of all that is right in this world….MOAR!!!!

  • shaker

    #8 #14 #17 yum

  • Robert C

    #14 is a Hockey fan, a Ducks fan 😛 but still a Hockey fan… I think I'm in love!!

  • snapKRACKELpop

    I say we take this post to the next level…. HANDTOWEL thursdays. How creative can you get with the "coverage", Chivettes?

  • freezer boy

    #14 very pretty

  • Dreconem

    And with that…. its sealed. My favorite chive day is Thursday.

  • Rpl

    Officially my new favorite gallery!

  • Shawn

    #21 Will you be my Valentine?

  • pannychous

    #26; where have you been all these Chives? MOAR!

  • N8tiveT3ch

    I told myself I need to have more control over mini-me. But you Chivettes make so HARD not to.

  • Nick

    Why do all the girls on this site always look like models?? Are there no over weight or less than attractive women who submit pictures? Or is it that Chive only shows the best of the best? What do they do with the rejected ones?? All these questions maybe Chive will answer some of them. Ohh and if I may suggest can we have a rejected gallery kinda like America got talent does with all the people who shouldn't have even sent in a picture this could be fun.

  • andrew2172

    #21 No it could go lower…so ya if you would get on that please the chive would love it!

  • cpdiddy

    they are all sexy beautiful but 2, 7, 8 23 & 26 outstanding. so is 17 & 20 who appeaes to ne the same woman

  • chase

    no #21, the towel can go lower. See #23, for example

  • LowCal

    Try harder next time, 21. You can do it!

  • theG_Man

    #8 Good lord, gorgeous and creative? I like it!

  • upupandaway

    Everyday should be Towelday….damn….

  • umyeah

    #4 you need no makeup

  • thefireman...

    All of them please.. ok I'll take jus one..lol

  • Oink police

    #24 needs to shed a solid 15 -20

  • http://twitter.com/Toemoss5 @Toemoss5

    #23 MOAR my god what a perfect body!

  • mars

    perfect post !
    waiting 4 more ! :-D:-D:-D

  • lehlend

    #2 ew, she's sucking in and she's still fat

  • Oberon

    Thursdays just got a LOT better, i'm really looking forward to this! Also, i agree with above, Chivetts are far better looking than models!

  • Jorge Saavedra

    #3 Oh Canada!

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