Valentine’s Day Sucks (48 Photos)

I like to make a yearly post dedicated to pissing on the worst holiday ever manufactured. Enjoy!

  • Isaac Newton

    #16 There's no better way!

  • Gallus

    #22 looks okay to me.

    • Mike

      Except that should be served on MARCH 14th instead. S&BJ Day – FTW

  • Murph1908

    #22 The irony in this picture is as delicious as its contents. What's next, chocolates in a pancreas shaped box?

  • tv_paul

    #16 Or a nice pearl necklace.

  • aDoughnut

    thanks for #4

  • navinh

    Very nice collection. Really nice. Happy Valentine's Day

  • Powerfulweak

    That scene, that episode, breaks my heart.

    If that doesn't make you well up just a bit, I sorry to tell you that you are a robot and have no feelings and therefore Valentine's Day doesn't apply to you

  • echogeo

    March 14th, Steak & Blow Job Day!

  • mongoose5271

    #44 True story.

  • Dixie Normus

    Even LeatherFace loves receiving Valentines Day card. #33

  • boredatwork

    This gallery was top notch. Very funny. Good work.

  • OfficeGirl

    #44 is not true at all! The size of his dick matters too!

  • candymancoug

    #39 Alternate pic could be Steve Urkle on the ground

    • chance

      i think the Alternate pic should be an old man that had fallen with the caption (help! i've fallen for you and i can't get it up!).

  • Justin

    Happy 'Singles Awareness Day' Everyone! KCCO-Tx

  • mastrrob

    You Choo, Choo, Choose me!?! And there is a picture of a train.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – classic.

    #36 – hahahahaha!!

  • Kevrhutch

    Happy single awareness day

  • usually-censored

    #33 – is what's wrong with society… every girl is told she is a princess until she fucking acts like one full time as an adult.

  • MissChris

    #18 Put those w/ Stella and you've won my heart

  • buttercup78

    # 31 laughed so hard but my students are right next to me so I had to try to keep it together.

  • boob_cuddler

    #9 looks like a girls handwriting.

  • MikeDub83

    #22 Is what we call Steak and BJ day in Texas…. True strory.

  • babaganush

    #2 brings back memories

  • All3y C4t

    All I can think about with #45 is damned fairy in Ocarina of Time, saying "listen!" Seems appropriate xD

  • Seth

    My true love is beer,
    but I do not fear,
    spending this valentines day at home,

    this case was cheap,
    so I'll spank my meat,
    and know I'll be forever alone.

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