Valentine’s Day Sucks (48 Photos)

I like to make a yearly post dedicated to pissing on the worst holiday ever manufactured. Enjoy!

  • Tatts

    #30 Microsoft Paint fill bucket doesn't work, can I get that in HD?

  • martinmcfly

    CHRIS DORNER > Chuck Norris

  • alex

    #44 not all girls suck- maybe you're just picking the wrong kind.

  • @SavageMouse

    If #44 pisses me off. If this is true for your relationship, I feel very, very sorry for you. There really are women who are more impressed by the thought than the cost.

  • Kyle

    #27 Melbourne!
    (BTW, a slab is a case of beer)

  • tech98

    #29 It should be Two Buck Chuck – Valentine's dinner for two, $7!

  • gradaddy

    #23 – "A BLACK SHERIFF?!?!"

  • itstanrum

    #19 #31 Wow. Those reposts are coming faster every day.

  • Simeon

    Where is #34 from? A Movie or somthin' , i wanna watch it.

  • i love u

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