What would Valentine’s Day be without Newly Single Chivettes? (56 Photos)

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  • missouri chiver :)

    HEy #39 ! im from MO, lets see some MO!

  • chris

    I wish I could contact every single one of these beautiful single HOT chivetts.

  • N8tiveT3ch

    I told myself I need to have more control over mini-me. But you Chivettes make so HARD not to.

  • Mike

    #46 i agree

  • Brian

    #46 definitely his loss!

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcjwrzphoto marcjwrz


  • wasinnc

    #47 why on earth would anyone break up with?

  • BrisbaneChiver


    If I had her I'd never let her go.

  • Ish287

    #32 omfg moar!!!!!

  • Jeff

    #38 HER. She is awesome. Welcome to the Chive:)

  • Stephanie

    #51 here. Thank you so much for all the kind words! It has made my day better then I thought it could be. 🙂

  • Robert

    #39 I think I met you in a dream once!

  • Robert

    Very sorry #39 I meant #38 lol you're beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many of them look at these comments? Anyway, #12.

    • Kelsey

      I do! And thank you!

  • jordan (sask)

    #34 in camo fellow canadian girl after my heart

  • Ip3GS owner

    #33 Michelle keegan second hottest uk soap female uses her run has ended unless she gets them out ,dem quads

  • Billy

    Is #51 a female?

    • Stephanie

      Why yes I am…from the day I was born. 🙂 But, that is a new one for me.

  • andrew2172

    #46 WHAT AN IDIOT!! You girl, got it all going on.

  • That guy

    They are all valentines in my heart

  • Scott C

    #8 is gorgeous she is defiantly single 100% by choice. No guy is that dumb to screw that up to bad cant find a girl with those eyes in Edmonton!!

  • eseehc

    #33 DAYUM!!
    plz 🙂

  • the donald

    #48 single? That's a joke, right?

  • Larry

    #46, without knowing the rest of the story, he's a fool!

  • Anthony

    #18 you are Gorgeous! Obviously messing with the wrong guy! I want to see MOAR.

  • Dillon

    Oh how I hope to see one of you in Oklahoma.

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