Adrenaline junkies like to live on the edge (30 Photos)

  • brewcrew

    fucking stupid. everyone of them is sitting down. Try walking it

  • jim thorton

    you wanna climb high shit? go to Russia!!

  • mrbabar

    I am physically ill after this post. Need a back dimple gallery, STAT!

  • Theiving bastards

    Hey assholes, how about at the very least giving some photo credits after ripping off peoples images.

    • ImpressMe

      Do you know where they are from? How about you toss out some credits? Or do you just go from site to site trolling and making yourself feel important?

  • user

    I would not want to be sitting by the microwave dish in #24

  • @IAM_splashnasty


  • blue_bronco

    Darwin is watching

    • pooper

      So because they don't chew backer or listen to Alan Jackson they are Darwin candidates?

  • Luke

    Nope! Nope Nope Nope!

  • ChiTownChiver

    People sitting on tall buildings and structures. Fucking AWESOME!!

  • Leap of faith

    The only thing I thought when looking at these was Asassins Creed.

  • yermon

    wait for it….

  • Tyler P

    Vertigo is a terrible thing

  • CanadianCHIVE

    They can hold onto all of my nopes for me, won't be needing them

  • parapetview
  • Casey Romero

    So… Am I the only one wondering how many of these people jumped?

  • Bob Loblaw

    Cropping out watermarks is pretty pathetic behavior, Bob. Way to keep classy.

  • English

    Looking at these made shuffle me back further on my seat, which a foot off the ground.

  • Dbar

    Suicide hotline please hold.

  • Chiver

    This makes my balls tingle, and my heart beat faster

  • Dragon30

    I want to go and play

  • Eder

    Fuck no… but seriously… I would have sex with #30

  • Steed

    Glad to see you're making ad revenue off other people's work. If any of them really wanted their watermarks to not be cropped out, they would've put them right in the middle.

  • Punchy

    Evidently you didn't understand the statement "All Rights Reserved" that accompanies most of these photos on Flickr. It's only three words. Which part gives you trouble?

  • Alex Printz

    I know half the people in these photos. Small world.

  • Brian Guiney

    #24 is my shot, re-posted on here without permission but whatev.

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