Best photos of the week (65 Photos)

  • anotherchiver

    #38 need moar of that gap

  • Mike

    I recognize #54. Anybody know her name?

    • Chris

      Nina Agdal

  • pannychous

    Where the hell is #62?

  • wasinnc

    #34 what do your dog and your bikini bottoms have in common? They are both next to the best thing on earth 🙂

  • @LosSaysSwag

    Damn there were some gorgeous women this week.

  • andrew


    FIND HER!! Got to love a working girl.

    Andrew (UK)

  • Captain Chauvinist

    I'd let #58 make me breakfast

  • Clayton

    Its Saturday, where are the cats?? Maybe change it to "Cats when we feel like it! Shut-up and go buy our shirts!!!"

  • jokerz4fun


    Can I get some birthday love on the 23rd?

  • Lugh

    #64– Fuck you Chive. You have no right to make fun of the holiest living figure of Catholicism. A sloth holding a crucifix– that's lame and offensive.

  • john

    61 denim so not in take it off!

  • kev

    #2 and #7=perfection

  • 1_eye

    #54 looks like the girl getting the asshole tattoo that was all over the web a few months ago

  • scjr

    Stinksss…soooo bad…#35

  • Gallus

    If #19 is Holland, I have *got* to get there ASAP!

  • Abel

    Must have MOAR #42 and #46

  • moeshere foxdale

    #46 you made my weekend Thanks hon

  • bs7n7

    #11 Whatever shit those dudes in the back are looking at, it better be good.

  • Willy

    #15 is Kristen Kreuk I believe

  • Josh

    #7 sweet baby Jesus. That might be the perfect body.

  • zgl

    #7 – after all the pix shes sent in, i can definitely say 'yep, i dig this chick.'
    #23 – moar, moar, moar! a daily danielle lo post would be great, kthanksbye.
    #48 – agreed.

    • dfs

      I'm rather proud of the fact that I have no idea who the people in #48 are.

  • wayneb

    #7, #31 make me want to eat out!


    #40: hey – if the shoe fits ….

  • matt

    #31 You guys did it again posted the unreal

  • Harbinger

    #31 You are….wow. just wow

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