The game has changed… (7 Photos)

  • JohnnyBallz

    Really?!?! This is under the category of MIND BLOWING. You are pathetic Chive. They are using PREGO, yes, Freaking Prego for pizza sauce. This falls under EPIC FAIL. My 5 year old kid can make a better meal than this. You suck Chive!!

    • Matt

      You know, if you rage hard enough they'll actually fix all your life problems. Keep it up dude, you rock.

      • JohnnyBallz

        Thank you Matt. Your insightful reply is meaningless to me.

  • ProfessorPuffs

    Cheese is gross, except for mozzarella.

  • TxChiver05

    Mind=blown making this, this weekend!

  • nwest

    I used to make those in the 80's!

  • Ponderous

    Who the fuck would use biscuit dough? And Cheddar in the cheese mix, there are so many things wrong with this. Good concept for a mini stromboli, but a epic fail in execution.

  • huskercub

    My kids and I are making those for lunch this weekend.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #7 – needs bacon.

  • cannibiscut

    Pot heads dream…….. Just add weed……

  • FastJimmy

    i am dissapointed DEEP FRY THOSE BITCHES!!!!!!

  • rodrigkm

    temperature for the oven?

  • gs425

    Stuff em with meat

  • F***ing Hipsters

    Here's an idea: Order pizza. Dumbass.

  • jerry likes green

    It's been awhile since our dearest ingredient (drum roll) ..BACON has been used in a dish. So bring on the bacon!!! YAY!!!

  • whale huntr

    Should used American cheddar (processed cheese), it would've suited the theme of both not healthy and highly processed

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