theCHIVE’s Official Atlanta Meetup Tickets Available Now!

 theCHIVEs Official Atlanta Meetup Tickets Available Now!

This meetup has been a long time in the making. We’re taking the entire Chive crew to Atlanta and it’s shaping up to be one of our biggest meetups ever.

It’s all going down Friday, February 22nd at the Lost Dog Tavern on Roswell Rd. from 7-10pm.

There will be an after party but we have not designated a location yet. Email us here if you’re a bar owner and don’t mind your establishment being flash mobbed by reveling Chivers.

Let’s get to it. Tickets for theCHIVE’s Official Atlanta Meetup available RIGHT HERE.

As always, Mac has not been invited but he will probably sneak in. We can’t wait to raise a glass or ten with our ATL Chivers! See you soon.

  • G-force

    says no tickets available?

    • G-force

      nevermind, they're up now

  • B-to-the-H

    WOOHOO!!! My fiancée and I will see you guys there! KCCO!

    • buck

      OUR fiancée will be there huh, partner?

    • MylesofStyles

      Is she hot?

  • Sappa

    Do it in Winnipeg… pffttt who am i kidding winnipeg sucks

  • ronnieblaze

    I got my two, I will see yall next week!

    • Bonnieblaze

      You got 2 male tickets, I presume? Nothing against you, but Ronnieblaze just comes off as someone who wouldn't have a girlfriend.

  • Rizz67

    Boom goes the DYN-O-MITE

  • Truth

    NOW DENVER! We were an INSANELY close second in the voting last time. Show us some love Chive!

  • Tim Colquitt

    Damn, it would happen while I'm in Afghanistan. Drink one for me Gents!

  • SpecialToast

    Fuck yeah, got mine. See y'all next Friday!

  • Horus

    Chive y u no meet up Baltimore, Annapolis or Washington DC?!

    MD/DC/VA Chivers we must unite unofficially to show we want an official meetup! Who's with me?!

  • TheYesMan25

    COME TO THE MIDWEST ALREADY!!! Wisconsin Illinois Minnesota idc!

  • JLeh29

    You mean to tell me the tickets aren't sold out already?

  • Tyler

    For FL Chivers, there's a group for them:

  • Mullinax

    Dont bother if your a guy!… They sold out in minutes!… We are all SOL

  • Of ago

    People party in ATL? I thought people just went there to get murdered?

  • Ball

    Come to Camden NJ!

    • windowlicker

      Come to Chester PA!

  • Benjovi75

    Totally got my tix. super pumped!!!


    Come back to Chicago! We have an unofficial meetup happening towards the end of March and we have over 600 people signed up…and that's through facebook alone. Imagine how many people would go if it was an official meet up and posted on The Chive!

  • Noidios

    If it says "pending," keep calm and keep reloading. Just scored mine!

  • DJ3

    Virginia Beach anytime soon?

  • Señor Cockblock

    We are ready to roll from Columbia!

    • Monster

      Hell we need a columbia meet.

      • Monster

        For that matter a 5 points or vista take over.

    • Chalk hard

      Fuck Columbia!

  • Pete

    sold out? well that sucks. to anyone who couldnt get tickets, we should meet at a bar in Midtown

  • KAJ

    Hello Chive Officials,

    Could you please come to Denver next for your official Chive Meetup? That sure would be great since we did take second in the polls. Thanks!

    Denver Chivers and Chivettes

    • Justin303

      Hell yes, took the words right out of my mouth man!!

  • Kroger_Security

    Pick a bigger bar next time. The Lost Dog Tavern is WAY to small for the amount of chivers in ATL.

    • Atlanta Area Chivers

      Nah, it will be fine. You have the large main bar, the patio bar, the entire downstairs garden patio and then built a new bar beneath the building. We got it sorted out. 🙂

  • Amanda R.

    Sold out?!? FUCK!!!

  • LakeLanierChiver

    There are still tickets available…also ya'll might want to stop by

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