There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (121 Photos)

  • ChivinSeattle


    • gadsgfadhgftr

      Really wish someone would give many of these girls a lesson on how to take pictures that are in focus and lit properly….

      • JetBuilder777

        "focus" on the positive thing here, which is that they ARE taking pictures to let us see their hotness!

    • Sean

      #47 # 82
      I am a sucker for a pretty face

      • FotySeven

        Agreed, #47 was the best

    • Jimmy

      I really wish we could spread these out throughout the week a bit. [first world problem I know]

    • yesindeed

      My first thought it..These are someones daughters.. My second thought is.. Don't care, gotta fap…

  • james

    First. Ha ha I one of those jackasses

    • Beardstache


    • Yuppp

      Are you always this shitty?

    • Jswens

      You're not even first you dumb fuck

  • FLChiver

    I love being a chiver. These women are great.

    • @Avfc4life

      i second that!

    • Joe


  • Sean D

    I like your tatse in whiskey

    • Kaitie

      thanks sean 🙂

      • ChivetoSurvive

        Although it is beginner's blended whiskey, it is still smooth as hell. Fond memories of Crown and Coke coming back to me

        • Kaitie

          I'm go early more of a fireball drinker

          • Kaitie

            I'm really*

          • Mike

            Now thats a tasty treat…especially out on the hill when boarding or skiing

            • Kaitie

              So I've heard! I need to try that

          • Sean D

            You're welcome ma'am

      • Tmux

        Kaitie I think I love you

        • Kaitie

          Well thank you tmux 🙂

    • IamAwesome

      If you like over priced tasteless whisky

  • Kyle

    #28 – are you in Boston?!

    • bigyawns

      hang in there she will probably reply to your anonymous comment and ask you to come over!

  • Boston Rugger

    #28 She can be my Alternate Captain any day.

    Go Bruins.

    • WalterSobchak_

      In honor of #28 and #48 theCHIVE should have a category of girls/chivettes supporting their teams. Lets shoot for the start of the baseball season.

      • Bhodi

        Agreed, Blackhawk Girl will dominate all.

      • Boston Rugger

        Wicked good idea, it seems like a lot of chivettes are sports fans too

        • Fuck Boston

          Lol a Boston guy saying wicked. Do you just try to act like charicatures of yourselves? RetAHds.

          • Boston Rugger

            Yes pick on me for using a word that identifies with Boston. Boston which has one of the highest average IQs and a few top universities. Not seeing the logic in your statement.

          • rusty

            Fuck you you fuckin fuck,from a loyal Southie Chiver

            • Boo

              Do you like apples? hahaha … seriously though, Boston sucks!

      • Steve

        GO DEVILS

    • Sweeeet

      Fuck the Bruins.

      • rusty

        suck a dick you fuckin fag

        • Fitzy985

          Hahaha. Typical southie and boston douche bags. I am fellow bostonian and I think youre fucking dim if you didnt think writing "wicked" would make you catch some flak. Eat a dick and sack up and stop coming accross as the white trash d-bag that you make us look like. Go black and gold!

          • rusty

            you suck cock fitzy, you must be from Springfield or Worcester living in Charlestown or the North End and call youself a Bostonia. Get a fucking life and move back with your mother and father cocksuker

  • That's all


    Don't take this the wrong way, but, I want to be inside of you.

    • Epitomizer

      There's no non creepy way fer her to take that partner.

    • ctrain

      She really likes Crunch and Munch

  • Huell

    #77 #84 #121 Thank you for that, ladies… But now I think you all owe me a new pair of pants.

    • Your Mom

      I picked out the same three. And boom goes the dynamite.

      • Handsome


  • Kyle

    #93 absolutely stunning

    • its_BACON

      copy that!

  • baddbuzz

    It took quite a while to scroll past #22 . . So sexy

  • Kyle429

    Saved the best for last, #121. MOARR!! Damn.

    • spro

      Agreed!!! Moooooaaaaar of her!!

    • R5D5

      Wow. I want to lick every inch of her body before sliding my fingers inside of her to feel how wet I've made her. Then I'm going to rub my rock hard cock all over those amazing tits before finally fucking her pussy deep and slow..

      • Kyle429

        $10 says you've never even seen a pussy in real life. Dumbass.

        • Epitomizer

          He's been going over his mom's highlighted copy of 50 Shades…

    • usually-censored

      I think that's Natalie Weiss (@nattweiss)… she's on here pretty frequently.

      • natalie

        you right 😉

  • Fo sho


    Q: How long?

  • reggie1610

    #33: A magnificent playground!

    • JMAKK

      The entire time I couldn't stop thinking of #33.

    • Dan

      Her and #27 gave me a semi

    • Kato

      That body…

    • jerky

      How hot? Leave-your-wife-and-kids hot, that's how hot. Unreal!

    • Sully

      That is an all-time great body. Flawless!

  • Epitomizer

    #11, #40, #77 I would do the most awesomely bad things with you all.

    #121 Oh… My… God…

    • miyagi

      #77 reminds me of Scar Jo

  • A fan

    #33 … … wow… That is all.

    • Wow

      yea dude. my thoughts exactly.

  • bill

    All these ladies are beautiful, however I paused for a but on #47

    • bill

      A bit*

    • Allovermyscreen

      47 FTW

    • Ken

      I think she may be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen on this site…

    • DirkNiblick

      This one stopped my heart…

    • Ghost

      This one…oh man she wins hands down…every chivette here is hot but omg this girl is BEAUTIFUL

    • Ctchiver

      Yes. I never comment but you are just "wow"

      • MissVega84

        I agree she is super pretty and she isn't even showing any skin. Classy points +100

    • Joe

      #47 #110 #118 Aren't these close to being the same

      • captainobvious

        #47 and #118 maybe … but I think #110 is different
        both (or maybe all three) women are stunning, 2 (or 3) of the most beautiful women I've seen on this site – which speaks volumes.

    • joe

      Aren't #47 #110 #118 possible the same? Or is the haircut throwing me off?

    • hondroid

      She looks haunted, in a very arousing way…very beautiful…


    #3 Today and maybe #35 if I saw her face

    • JESSE

      just to clarify, i'm talking about today's winners.

    • jax

      #3 can you say bj lips

  • prison_mike

    #117 take that ring off yo finger and gimme a call gurl

    • Excellcior

      Hahaha!! You are one weird creep!

  • Dex

    There is a KCCO reference in the Christopher Dorner Manifesto! Everyone go check it out! After looking at this plethora of perfection, of course… lookin good ladies.

    • Yuppp

      Really? That assclown was a Chiver. That sucks…sure didn't know how to "keep calm"

    • jjjjjjjj

      fuck him

  • Bhodi

    #73 Um, wow

    • Ben

      I agree.

  • jOb

    #1 such a QT!

  • Spike

    #80 yes, yes you are.

  • bIGnAWTY

    #88 is that you Sandra Bullock?

    • Dave

      Yep. Hi Sandra, from an Austinite!

    • Jay

      nope but she is hot, canadian girl

      BUTT we wont morrrrrrre ! lol

  • John


    • rikooprate

      GOD DAMN!!!

  • James C

    #73 Man ahe looks sexy with that curly hair…MOAR?

    • James C


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