Though our childhood gets further away everyday, its legacy remains stronger than ever (35 Photos)

  • bmak

    "MOAR" – MJ's inner monologue.

  • LloydXmas

    #20: Just put these up on my kids' ceilings a few weeks back . . .

    #23: Got this on my Wii (along with many other classic NES games)

    #29: I have boxes in the basement that look like this. Filled with my old VHS tapes.

  • Turd F.

    #9 I still remember when they made students stop using those because people were huffin' 'em.

  • Moonwalk

    #22, Dont bump me again kid or I will rape you!

  • brandon

    #23 don't know what everyone else called them.. but my line up consisted of 2-skinnys, 1-med and 1-fatty

  • pogogogo


  • Pablo3520

    What has nine arms and sucks?
    Just kidding, but that joke killed me the first time I heard it.

  • woods

    #23 Me and my friend have been getting drunk and playing this the last few weekends. I won last weekend's best of seven, making me the current champ. But all that can change next weekend.

  • hotashnerd

    Yes to all of these!

  • allly

    Why are the "next gallery" and "previous gallery" tabs gone?? I misss themmm. please get them back

  • Lop

    I must be outside the target demographics. What did I have in the '90s that I don't anymore? A mortgage.

  • Not Me

    #2 I played right field and batted 8th

  • PooterTheClown


  • dima_c

    #33 holy shit!! i read that!!

  • saltytrey

    Amelia Bedelia. That whore was straight retarded.

  • Conor Kendrick

    #1….I remember begging my dad to buy me these every time we went on vacation to our cottage in Eagle River, WI so I could be like him cause he smoked… he has emphysema and I have cavities, ha. #19 all the cool kids had in grade school, then hello kitty pens showed up….and then we all finally knew what guys to watch out for when we changed for gym class in the bathroom.

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