Freckled girls for the win (30 Photos)

  • zym

    Great post! Please make thus on weekly

  • PiotrXC

    These posts are all kinds of awesome. SO many beautifully freckled girls. #24 just does something for me though.

  • tom g

    Probably the best post ever!

  • cadaver

    don't make me choose…..ok #29 for the win, everyone else a very close second, great post

  • southernmand

    love them freckles

  • boylightning

    Her with some apple pie, cover us in whipped cream!

  • @LosSaysSwag

    Time to play connect the dots.

  • 神威

    #23 = love

  • luke

    Natural freckles are cool but those freckles women get on their upper chest aren't because of sun damage. Ladies please put sunscreen on the chest when you wear a v-neck or a top that exposes your upper chest.

    • Jake

      You do realize that using sunscreen doesn't protect you from getting freckles, right?

      • Nicole

        Hahahaha… Ummm if the sun is exposed on your chest and you naturally have freckles, that will create freckles on your chest dipshit!

  • Canucks_Rule

    not the biggest freckle fan, but…. #17.

  • thatgirldownsouth

    f*cking christ! i love spots!

  • ECD

    #23 incredibly beautiful

  • bigvonski

    #1 say no more… me happy now :+)

  • justin

    #10!! Love me some @keymasterbacon

    • justin


  • santauz

    #1 #6 #21 #23 #24 #29

  • Anonymous.

    #6 is Devon Jade

  • LowCal

    Amazing pictures, but #13 . . love those eyes.

  • cjay

    #1 MOAR.

  • chase

    #13 HOLY SHIT that's scary, shooting daggers into my skull with her eyes

  • Forsak3n90

    They are all beautiful but I'd have to say #16 is my favorite of them all.

  • WmShip

    Sorta love #17 with all my heart, but I'd cheat on her with #21

  • doe

    #1 #9 are the tops

  • ithurtswhenipee

    Lindsey Lohan is definitely doing it wrong.

  • freezer boy

    #9 wins.

  • el niño

    #22 the angel kisses and colored eyes got me

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