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  • Anonymous

    #33 grandma is a boss.

    • @julesmarie310

      Awww man, you got the first comment and you go and do something like this…

    • pebbles

      your grandma is a kitty slut! 🙂

    • Cesar

      The only thing Mardis Gras kitty regrets is not being a DOG!

      • Anonymous

        @jules I made an attempt at something funny and rushed it. At least I didn't exclaim "first" lile a lot of other douche nozzles.

  • Anonymous

    I mean number #38

  • EggSauceTed

    #28 Time for a fish fry.

    • Jethro

      Meh. I bet she farts a lot. And she probably has a glass left eye. And she voted for bho.

      • Troll?

        So, and correct me if I'm wrong here, you don't like her because of pointless speculation with no basis in the real world. My, what a strange, sad little world you must live in.

        • Jethro

          @Troll, obviously she appears to be attractive. And MY world is strange sometimes but never sad. KCCO bro.

  • greg

    #29 how do we know you're not a giant with a big drinking problem?

  • Seangoloid

    What's up with dude-fest 2013?
    Seriously… not even ONE female?

    • off2surf

      Hopefully they are under the table.

    • Miotch

      could be a bachlor party or a stag

    • Chalmers

      Seamen party

  • ted

    #2 oh darling… it appears there is a lump under the rug

  • Epitomizer

    #4 Yeah Mac, do you!?!?

  • Guest

    Did Fox News create this one too?

    • JESSE

      wtf does that even mean?

      • Sam

        extremely conservative Republicans aka "The Tea Party"

    • blake


  • moses

    #20, I think you have a tumble problem

  • lukey_dukey

    i don't think i've ever complained on here. but this compilation was pretty lame.

    • tralfaz

      That lukey_dukey, what a complainer.

  • TheYesMan25

    #28 still not sure why the person taking the picture doesn't step right in there and take care of business.

    • Question

      Not exactly sure whats goin on here?

      • TheYesMan25

        She is taking a body shot off herself because the person operating the camera is an idiot

  • Josh

    #30 Dude is looking pretty creepy

    • Jezza67

      I seriously hope that that is chocolate, or, at least, mud.

      • Head Chef

        Or BBQ sauce?


      Blood Orgy!!! YAY!!!

  • TheAssMan

    #28 well, hey there…. How about MOAR of this one

    • tralfaz

      I want to zerbert her belly real bad, among other things.

  • scjr

    #38 "Check your elbows grandma!"

  • BallzMcGee

    #7 Now I'm hungover and sad that 30 Rock is over. Time to dedicate a lazy Sunday to watching some Liz Lemon

  • whyme1973

    #22 Nice body…crazy eyes…I'd drink with her.

    • Tillman61

      All I could think of is Major Nelson and Major Healey went out of town and Jeannie went on a bender…

  • Drew

    #32 atleast it's the garage and not the living room.

  • ChiverPat

    #38 My money is on Kenny Chesney's grandmother.

  • Jay

    No, because the chest piece glows BLUE. There is no orange/yellow in the middle of it.

    • Mike

      My thoughts as well. Although, who am I not to give it a try?

      • Private Snowball

        There's nothing manly about the Ironman drink.

        • AbeFrolman

          Or a drink that hardly has any alcohol in it!

  • @julesmarie310

    Haha! #31 Takes the cake… What a sloppopotomus.

    • Do0zer

      Just what kind of sloppy shithole are they camping in?

  • Rout


    Insert firewater for the red. Then you'll have a real shot

  • bob

    #33 showed 8 nipples for beads! Chive on, YOL9

  • Canada

    #17 Costco is sure taking this buying in bulk thing to the next level!

    • illuminati

      It's not even a good deal though. ~$25/bottle * 258 = $6450

      • I don't know

        Apparently the barrel itself costs $2k

      • Canada!

        Right because the reason to buy a barrel of Jack is to save money not to say you bought a f-ing BARREL OF JACK!

        But with prices here that IS a good deal! The problem would be getting it across the boarder, That is a little over the 1.5L you are allowed without paying taxes on it.

      • Enlightenment

        I'd like to know where you are getting single barrel jack for $25/bottle….try $45 sport.

  • timbo

    #29 not to mention a cuticle problem.

    • Guest

      Have you told your family you like men yet?

    • Kristen

      Timbo, you're a huge pile of gay.

  • fiddle sticks

    #12 Wrong color and disgusting. What kind of fairy drinks amaretto? Buy #17 and be a man.

    • Lboogie13

      Lots of people drink Amaretto, especially in Italy. Just because people don't drink it here in the US doesn't make it a fairy drink.

      • derp

        Yep. It does.

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