Boy, that escalated quickly (63 Photos)

  • @LosSaysSwag

    #29 Still would.

  • Shane

    #47 A plane in the neck

  • Dortney

    #60, Dortney is an idiot! Go Nik Richie!!!

  • shwstistar


    Subjegating an entire peoples….for their God. Israeli: the new Nazi party.

    But boy…look at those legs.

    • rag head

      fuck off

  • Russkie Chick

    #24 Anyone ever see "Princess Mononoke" ?

  • Brother Maynard

    #37 YOU'RE STUPID!

  • Tyrone Wallingham


    Miguel is my new hero.

  • Mark Pagliaro

    Happened to me only it was driver's door. I spent a good month or so entering my vehicle from the passenger's side. I repaired it my self once I got the part in.

  • Gary

    Only in Mexico!

  • frank lee

    this should happen to everyone who wears panty hose or leggings as pants. especially they fatties.

  • Sapper

    Thank you for featuring several photos of my worst phobia today!

  • Kait

    I burst out laughing at work thanks to #58 and #61

  • cp7

    where are the forward and back buttons from page to page?? Its driving me nuts.

  • Anomanom

    #60 Fuck it, just burn the damn house down.

  • Kristi Dawn

    #2 hahaha I love how no one is helping her!

  • sureman123

    nice try.. but big dog was just a test unit.. full production units will resemble AT-AT's with much more firepower

  • myq

    So she saw the train coming.

  • johnny


  • need some fugzin

    #22 that wont fit in there

  • peter pan

    #4 Ahhh? who do something that ridiculous? Mexico

  • Keith_D

    #57- I don't get it, what's different about this picture than all the other ones of her?

  • Trini

    #61 – I'd gladly take that dog's place.

  • Eric

    #12 WANT!!

  • Timmayy

    #37 good to hear shes ok, but how the fuck did she not hear a train coming?

  • amy


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