Peace, Love, Find Her (34 Photos)

  • JIM

    Please find #32!!!!

    • safsddfsasdfsdf

      that's what this whole post is about! stop taking up space devoted to identifying these girls…

  • Jcore3

    #28 Working during a bank holiday, but still worth seeing this!

    • shazam

      She looks like an angel

  • scuba

    #7 wherefore art thou PA Chivette?

    • Verbal Kent

      You do realize that wherefore means "why", right?

      • Yup

        My thoughts exactly. More like, wherefore art though not a NY Chivette…

      • Nonverbal Kent

        Thank you Based God!

    • Chive lover

      I agree. Where is this pa chivette from? I'd like to meet her

  • Not Me

    #3 I found Her! #8

    • juhu123

      Barbara Palvin

  • TheGnome

    #15 she needs a post of her own! What an ass!

    • guest

      I could ride dat ass for 3 years straight without getting tired.

    • Bud

      i bet that ass has a separate billing address.

    • Snatchsquatch

      That ass must be a keg of beer, cause I wanna tap it!

    • Desmond Jones

      i went some i want some
      Desmond poppye Jones

    • Carl

      I love lamp!

    • Whoa hey

      Yikes boys she look like she's 15 wtf better in post or the Feds will come 'a' knockin

    • kcco-pgh

      Hate to break it to you, but that ass is shopped. Still cute though.

  • Eskimo

    Find #3 #8 !!!

    • Ryan

      Barbara Palvin

  • Superman

    #3 and #8 So beautiful we need to find her twice!

    • tom g

      apparently, she's pretty elusive.

    • Jacson777

      She is Barbara Palvin.

  • Frank

    All look nice

    • JSJ

      #1 natural beauty!

  • eballesq

    #3 and #8 look like they could be twins

  • Tgee

    I want to make sweet love to each and every single one of these girls, one by one. Then, all at once.

  • el niño

    #25 boyfriend is bunk.. he didn't leave u.. u left him.. good job

    • savagecabbage

      Errrm what???

    • Carl

      I think we would need to see a pic of the ex before we decided if he made the right call

      • Ashley Starice

        Well mr.carl i would be happy to show you!

        • @LosSaysSwag

          Sooooo… found I presume?

        • Jeff

          Perhaps Carl wants sloppy seconds…I would prefer a second helping of you Ashley!!

        • Slim Jim

          pics or it didn't happen

        • tim

          Ashley, share a pic with us of her so we can make the call. Let us see who Mathew dumped you for……

        • Carl

          So let's see her

    • hunter

      You are beautiful i will be your boyfriend!!!

    • Ray

      Her ex boyfriend has to be mentally retarded.

      • Rubberbandman

        Strange, cuz she looks semi-retarded

  • Brett Hall

    #33 Find Her PLEASE!!!

  • D_Sanchez

    #6-need to find that tattooed goodness

    • Roy

      Check the local west virgina strip club. I an sure shes hanging out on some old dudes pole.

    • Do0zer

      "Come here darling and sit on my lap. You can tell me about all your daddy issues."

  • chiver

    #29 pretty sure you can find her in a Victoria's Secret catalog

    • pannychous

      Yeah, Candace Swanepoel. I expect MOAR out of Chive.

    • @mikeydangerous

      Every week there's either a well known model or actress in the Find Her. It's always confusing.

    • MaximII

      Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

    • KY Chiver

      Google Candice swanepoel VMAN photo shoot. Your welcome!!


    with #4 id be in the bed for days, no wait weeks, months…. years

  • Cody

    This is paige Wyatt

    • Jerry

      I thought so!

    • FarmBoy

      Fun things you learn on forums. Did you know her actual name is Paige Grewcock. She and Kurt are Reene's kids from another marriage. I think Discovery Channel wanted to make a more wholesome show with giving her Rich's last name and a BS background story that Paige went shooting with Rich when she was 8 and fell in love with guns, even though she was in her teens when her mom and Rich got married, she also lived on the other side of the country.

      • ChaseTheWalker

        Doesn't matter, had sex.

  • McG

    #29 – Victoria Secret model Candice Swanepoel

    • KY chiver

      Google Candice swanepoel VMAN photo shoot. Your welcome!!

  • RUhigh

    #25 Hey Chive! We need more Ashley…stat!! Don't make me come out there.

    • Ashley Starice

      You are awesome as always 🙂

      • Mikey Mikel

        I say if that's you. Lets see some more beautiful pics of your beautiful self burning it!

    • tim

      Check her out on FB, she is really not that hot

      • buttsnstuff

        Did and I couldn't disagree with you more

  • FLChiver

    #3. Is Barbara Palvin who can be found with the Bieber. Which just makes me weep.

    • Hugh

      FLChiver are you calling Barbara a lesbien?

      • FLChiver

        No, the opposite. I was saying she can be found with Justin Bieber.

  • whyme1973

    #5 #6 #14 #30 #32 Beauty overload.

    • The Buddha

      I've stared at 5 so much I'm making myself feel creepy

  • J_ny

    #6 who are you I want you to have my babies!!

    • 3 fan

      Yeah those dumb belly tats will look nice after a couple babies…

  • Blackjack

    #7- As long as I have a face She will always have a seat! Must Find those back dimples!!!!!!

  • @GrantRez

    #29 Candice Swanepoel #30 Irene Nel
    2 South African babes

  • FLChiver

    #14. Lingerie in the woods with a cigar in her hand. Who framed that shot?

  • ChiefJames

    #7- Excuse me while I mind your Gap! Moar please!!!!

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