Signs full of “WTF” (35 Photos)

  • bczero3

    always funny

  • RealZoo

    #6 #8…it would be great if this were a combo!!!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #27 seems legit if it's in Arkansas

    • Ben


    • socalmarti

      Or Utah.

  • Schnizz56

    #17 Set it free!!!

    • rab

      Oh shit, I think that picture is from Kennesaw State University

    • FunKiller

      Isn't it illegal in 23 states to capture wild water?

  • Loki

    #16 the best meat is in the rump!
    Always a Simpsons quote.

  • tom

    #18 – Chinatown @ Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD. Good vege laksa

  • North

    You need to make better life choices

    • Captain Chauvinist

      Im even sad for you and I DGAF

    • urajeerk

      you seriously have issues. thats got to be one of the stupidest tattoos ever… also i think tbat tattoo artist shouldve told him he was making a terrible choice!

    • David

      I have hopes that it is actually done with a marker.
      Otherwise, the idiot patrol had the evening off.

  • Clapoti

    #29 is in Berlin… worst service ever.

  • FLChiver

    #12. Creeps me out every time Chive posts it.

  • Michael

    #29 is in Berlin, good place for a bite to eat and live punk music

    • M_Asha

      The Last Cathedral next door is better m/

  • Canucks_Rule

    #8 – now that's just smart marketing.

  • Telephone Man

    Probably not as uncommon as one would think. When I rented a shirt for my son, the tux shop also sold cigars. I guess that's fancy.

    • Dick

      You….are lame.

  • B-to-the-H

    #12 – Ramirez is still alive? I thought the Kurgan took his head.

  • JGB

    #27 must be from Chinatown.

  • keith21541


    Dairy Queen is a Hoe Fo Sho!

  • @greatmonkeysuit

    Haaa Camel Tow! That is hilarious.

  • Trez

    #21 Gotta be a Temple University student. I know, because I'm a graduate.

    • Sore foot

      Could be worse. You could be across the river in Camden. I shouldn't poke fun, though. Poverty and violence shouldn't be comedy fodder

      • 1_eye

        Camden only seems worse because there are less people living there so their violent crime rate per capita is higher. I would say at least you don't live in Kensington.

  • Rob

    Ehn. Payne Orthodontics is nothing. My chiropractor is Dr. Pain

  • DannoTheManno88

    #23 Fair price for that

  • Psymon Spyders

    Holy shit!! #5 is in Des Moines, Washington! I pass that all the time, it's even run by asian people!

  • David

    #28 Don't know why, but I laughed waaay tooooo hard at that

  • Kris

    Go home, corn. You're drunk.

  • scjr

    #6 the mean hoes is what you gotta worry about…

  • Als

    #1 I used to work in fast food…you'd be shocked how many people ordered a "cheeseburger without cheese"
    "so…a hamburger?"
    "NO, a cheeseburger without cheese"

    Apparently the concept of CHEESEburger is a difficult one to understand.

  • Keith_D

    #14- But what if you just simply don't give a flying fuck?

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