• jmguay

    Again ?

  • Yann

    Seriously ?

  • Texas

    I'm willing to bet there aren't any good ones, just a hunch though.

  • blue_bronco

    No thanks. I'll take my own designs and print them.

  • chiver

    Take your failed Threadless designs and submit them to the Chivery!

  • Yuppp

    It's funny how angry everyone gets at this contest.

  • Just(in) Hale

    More crap T's on the way. That's too bad…

  • mike

    how about a new hat design if so count me in

  • Shik505

    $1000 is nothing considering the profit you'll make from sales of whatever its produced… If you want actual good designs, you need to offer a percentage of the profits. Only an idiot would take your deal….

  • Jeff

    Bitter people need a new website

  • RJ_McR

    Okay, I made sure to read and re-read the rules for this one, and it clearly states "new and original" designs. Are you guys going to hold the entries to that standard this time? Because there was less than three original designs in the last contest; most were from 80's and 90's movies. It's basically turning theCHIVE into CollegeHumor.

  • Anonymous

    I agree whoever wins should get a % of the sales… $1,000 really isn't anything considering when you buy in bulk… Cost would be like $5 each shirt but sold at $25ea plus shipping…

  • whaaa?

    How about you get some shirts in stock before u try to make more?

  • Bob

    Typo. It says "$1,000" when you obviously mean "$1,000 + a percentage of profits from all t-shirts sold", right?

    • Andyrew711

      this is EXACTLY why I'm hesitant to list my shirt idea. give some royalties to people

  • @Frilsoni

    Why I cant send more then 1 design?

  • SJay

    Bah! If i was artistic I'd give it a try. Then i'd donate the money back to the Chive Charities.

  • LameSauce

    The English Muffin isn't even close to being an original design…You guys really do your homework on these don't you?

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