Girls with darker skin but lighter eyes sear a hole right through my heart (37 Photos)

  • hippyj

    #7 WOW Thanks for sharing

  • lexluthr

    so many beauties!!! But #33 takes the cake. gorgeous

  • mike

    #4 #25 #32

  • Johnny Hale

    I know #9 ….

  • Matt

    In no case would I say look at that gorgeous dark skinned girl over there and point to a white girl haha #25 is an absolute beauty.

  • umyeah

    Way to many to list!!!

  • Eric

    Definitely don't like the fact they say dark skinned girls and post all these white women. Tan or Oompa Loompa orange is not dark skin.

  • Daniel

    # 25 Mother of God! #26 Were it that I were in the middle of that sandwich… sigh

  • Daniel

    #25 Mother of God

  • Daniel

    #26 Were it that I were in the middle of that sandwich… sigh

  • HamptonsWorld80

    This was the most beautiful thing ever put on the inernet…I couldn't even choose favorites!

  • el duderino

    #21 looks like the girl from porn ads

  • Brian

    #8 #33

  • elias

    #7 amber heard

  • SDSurf

    #34 stunning

    • mikek

      The most perfect. I wish she was mine.

  • you_have_downs

    Wait so "dark skinned" and light eyes means fake tan white girls with contacts in??? You really missed your mark here sir.

  • Hank Mardukas

    well done. well done everything about this

  • Haywood

    Darker skin? Along with Goofy Girls…more proof that Alec isn't the brightest bulb.

  • Mark McDonald

    Hope she is older than she looks, but hey she's in a hotel room in a bikini, and I just had another dirty thought…

  • Nate


  • BloodyTrauma

    #12 and #33 both made me loose track of time for a bit

  • Shaolin Killa

    This must be a different definition of the words 'dark skin' than I'm used to.

  • Bill Jacobs

    Oh its SO true. I am a sucker for those eyes!

  • Varsity

    Girls with darker skin and a body like #13 make me say
    HOLY SHIT!!!

  • DannoTheManno88


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