Girls with darker skin but lighter eyes sear a hole right through my heart (37 Photos)

  • gs425

    Can you imagine a threesome with those beauties? #26

    • Varsity

      I'm imagining about 15 seconds and them being very disappointed.

  • bdeyhle

    #21 Love at first sight!! Adorably Gorgeous!!

  • amy


  • AlbertaChivette

    Tanning bed. . .

  • Michael McLaughlin

    Almost none of these girls has "dark skin".

  • Samantha

    They are not naturally dark….anyone can get a tan and contacts. Only one here that has both naturally is #34.

  • Sweet_Lew

    For the love of Chive find #1 MOOOARRRRRR

  • bdeyhle

    #1 Find Her ASAP……Please. Loving the dimples!!

  • @mikeydangerous

    After reading the title of the post, I was really hoping for a collection more like #4 and #34. I certainly wasn't expecting "darker skin" to mean a bunch of white girls.

    • Erin

      Same here …:-(

  • Kevo

    All very nice… Not a bad picture on the lot.

  • Guillermo

    WTF most of these chicks are white and barely tanned if at all.

  • Fuhrer D

    #4 Better than anything else in this post by far.

  • That Guy

    Wow, this is probably one of the best posts done on the Chive! Every single girl in here is absolutely amazing!

  • jimbob

    I too like girls with skin and eyes

  • Hans

    #1, 6, 21, 25 – Find them please.

  • LulaBell

    #1 and #18: Find them. I don't care that i'm a girl, my heart has been stolen. Find them now.

  • Hopper

    To all the white girls do not think you have dark skin now . There has been major confusion on what girls with dark skin look like and white girls…Again don't think you now have dark skin because you have a slight tan… This has been a major announcement. Have a great day

  • Bion

    #7 #30 so fine

  • Paul

    We will NEVER see #29 in newly single chivettes!!!!

  • elder

    #1 #29 FIND THEM!

  • Not white

    The only dark skin girls are #4 and #34… The rest are as pale as Casper

  • Son Ya

    22 and 26 looked like they've got baby blues that are a bit photoshopped…

  • Fonze

    WTF you name this post dark skin with light eyes and the 1st picture is of #1???

  • sierrah

    These are a bunch of white girls with tans… theres maybe 2 or 3 naturally dark skinned ladies and their eyes arent light…. hazel is not considered light eyes you didnt even try to make it convincing by using just brunettes…. its genetically impossible for a blonde to be dark skinned…. chive youre starting to disappoint me…

  • Jordan


    I know her!

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