I miss college….(62 Photos)

  • Dave

    #8 nice ass, but it would look better in scarlet and gray. GO BUCKS!

  • babaganush

    #25 #46 yep friend zoned

  • Dave

    #33 yes, you owe us 150, because you have none.

    • stock194

      They spelled Wisconsin wrong…

      But I'm not surprised.

    • Thror

      You kids aren't from around here, are you? Maybe Illanois, Minnasota, or perhaps Iowah? Oh, crap, I just realized that quite a few of the students are UWSP are future teachers….

  • canadianchiver

    fuck I wish I stayed in college!

    • Rob

      I went back at 27.

      Nothing like being the cool older guy surrounded by hot 18yr olds.

      Definitely recommend.

  • joey

    #57 moooooaaaaar

    • Spacecase

      Gator Tail is a delicacy

    • ttrain

      I went to school with this chick talking about smell in fish whoa

  • BigtotheD

    #55 Two Hotties + The Capt = Fun

  • chavezey18

    #57 Dibs!

  • Loki

    #17 spa chick strikes back.

  • whoops

    But the real question is, when is theChive harlem shake vid coming out?

    • tyler

      like 2 weeks ago

    • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      who fucking cares.

  • Guest

    #57 and far right in #39. Fucking YES!!!

    • Guest

      The girl on the right in #39 has got to stop being such a prude… Sweetheart, your ass is mighty fine! So next time I don't think you need the boyshorts under the panties… Straight panties all the time!!

  • DUH!!

    #49 Look like 3 serious douchbags.

  • Sirwally

    #8 and #18 find them

  • whyme1973

    #8 #16 #39 #47 #57 Way to represent your schools, ladies! Hope to see more of you all in the future.

    • SJU

      When in doubt go to Stout. If you can't get laid there, go to EauClair!!


    # 8 & # 57 WINNERS 👍

  • Max

    Crysis 3 looks like a game that fat old gay guys would play. Truth hurts.

  • Kris

    #34 Find the "i'm with cupid" chick on the right!

  • ThePatriot

    Now I remember why I threw away my acceptance letter to Ball State away and went into manual labor instead. I hate all the superficial douchebags of my generation

    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      You sound like an incredibly fun person to be around.

    • Bryan

      … But you'll look at pictures girls post of themselves on the Internet? No hypocrisy there.

      • ThePatriot

        Actually the couch on fire caught my eye….. Had to check things out.

    • Clucker

      You realize you sound bitter and full of regret, right? Its just kids enjoying life while they're young. Believe it or not, most will become productive responsible adults. But why rush it? Relax dude.

      • ThePatriot

        lol yolo yolo swag…. fuckin douchebags… understand now?

      • ThePatriot

        My problem is not that they are enjoying life, it's the way they're doing it. Perpetuating a cycle of stupidity… dumb fuckers

    • Red

      Shut up and keep digging my new ditch.

      • ThePatriot

        Union electrician who owns his own tow truck business too….. I think I'll hire a Mexican for the ditch bud

        • Ray

          Does someone need a hug

  • pa'ver

    #57 oh yeah

  • Not Me

    #24 I have the strangest boner right now

  • LowCal

    chomp, chomp, #57. Chivers everywhere owe you a debt of gratitude. KCCO!

  • JJT

    Hey Chive, what happened to the Previous and Next links at the bottom of the gallery pages??? Bring them back!

  • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

    #21 I hate this new meme, but go LSU (especially since a few of my friends were involved in this)

  • Every man in America

    #57 winner! Need to find her Chive. Cute and sexy!

  • RussianArt

    #12….Does anybody know if that at the bar a couple of Train stops away from Great Lakes Navy Bases? Definitely looks like it, they have some banging loaded nachos.

  • FLChiver

    #57. Way to represent.

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