• Canucks_Rule

    holy shit. want!!

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    […] I need one of these […]

  • Steve Grenier

    This is how I'm gonna die.

  • Chiveguy

    Why do they keep slamming face first into the water?

  • Tiber_Septim

    they make it look easier than it really is

  • bluntaholic

    Looks freaking awesome but I'd prolly break my neck or at the very least suffer a 20ft belly flop, idk between this & that dolphin sub thing I might have to stick with sub just for saftey's sake

  • ChiveOn_Kelowna

    whats this song called???

    • Noidios

      The artist is "Scott & Brendo." I haven't been able to figure out the song title.

    • ChiveOn_Mex

      Scott & Brendo – Somewhere

  • HX224

    why don't they show the big pump that's attached to the end of the tubes?

    • http://twitter.com/chris_j0hnston @chris_j0hnston

      They attach to Sea-Doos. here's a link to the behind the scenes

      • Not a rich kid

        So I need a $7k fly board kit, and a $10k jetski to have this fun. I'd be willing to start saving up. I'd rather have those toys then a fancy car to impress only myself.

  • Cautious

    Looks awesome, but so is sticking your head of a train window at speed

  • nick

    looks like an SNL skit lmfao so ridiculous!

  • Alex

    I'd probably drown, but these look really fun.

  • Static


  • Brian

    Oh, look. I can see the personal injury lawyers lining up now.

  • Dick

    Am I the only one who seriously hates this video player? Barely runs in Chrome and just crashed my Firefox. Not to mention this bloated wordpress shit makes my browser want to cry.

    • http://jasonreiss.wordpress.com jasonreiss

      I have no issues with it in Chrome on Win7Pro, runs just like youtube. of course I do have 32 gigs of RAM..are you running adblock plus? I find the Chive much more enjoyable with it.

    • http://www.superseedband.com AndySaximus

      Works fine for me. I use mozilla all the time, never had a problem.

  • dr octopus

    I see lots of spinal-cord injuries in the future…

  • Long Duk Dong

    My next ride would be a wheelchair. The kind you operate with your mouth.

  • just curious

    Devin relies on youtube views for part of his income… why not embed the youtube link chive instead of ripping the video into your own player!? There is no consistency and it doesn't really make sense in the "give back" vibe you boast about here.

  • PsY

    Is that the Gardiner Sisters at the 00:49 mark ???

  • Dank

    I can think of about 30 ways that thing will kill you.

  • dur dur dur

    The song ruined it!

  • Mmmmm

    Chive.. Find every single girl in this video. That is all

  • olgreybush

    @ 2:18 captain gortons fish guy

  • de moins

    Olympic sport.

  • mike hardy

    WTF. ALL you guys
    Just better go home and pray .ok that phuckinn toy looks to be probably the funnest. New things So Way want 4Me to

  • Leigh

    I would sell my suv to be on the water and play with toys like this!

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