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  • rogers0320

    #6 you asshole

    • Chicago

      Lots of cheapskates out there man…

      Proof by all the thumbs down these posts are getting…

      Really 2.20 is going to affect you that much that you put -2.20 on the tip line? You're card is still going to be charged 2.20 regardless, you just look dumb doing that.

      I feel like ever time I see these people not tipping it just makes me want to tip more.

      • Obecny

        Im not saying what they did is right, but what if the service was bad? Tips are optional and should be based on service quality. I tend to tip right around 25% mostly because I used to work a tip based job and know how much they suck. But I do tip less if service sucks.

      • Livin' Legend

        I think the issue is that the was an automatically added gratuity onto a relatively small bill. A tip should never be automatic–that's not a tip, that's a charge, and I'd be pretty annoyed if a restaurant presumed to tack on an extra charge that should be my choice.

        Incidentally, I'm a damn good tipper, generally 25% or more.

        • aaa

          Exactly. I understand the auto tip when the bill is large and some people cheapskate out. But auto tip on anything less than $20? Tips are based off of service quality, and are optional for a reason. If the company that has this in place charges a 20% auto gratuity on a bill amount this low, they shouldn't be expecting people to be overly generous after that (like some of the KCCO receipts we see on here), let alone come back to that establishment.

          • holyshit

            This is more than likely a large group who then all had seperate checks. Most restaurants place the number at 6 or more for an auto grat. This is actually quite common and very annoying to the waiter/waitress.

            • Squadoosh

              This is probably what happened. The person was out to eat with a big group, thus the automatic 20% tip. I've been to many restaurants that automatically add tips to big groups. The small fee is probably because it's a separate check.

    • Falthor

      it's a dick move… no doubt about it… but it's also a dick move to include a 20% tip off the top AND leave a line for more of a tip… are you kidding me? if someone wasn't paying close attention they might tip another 20-25% on a bill they already tipped on without knowing.

      A tip, IMHO, is not mandatory, but it is expected. you walk in with the tip in mind knowing you have to pay it unless you get but ugly horrible service. a tip should NEVER be automatically included on your bill, with a line in case you wanted to tip more.

      • TxSt

        Yall do understand this is most likely a split check for a large party 6+ people in witch most restaurants require you to pay 15-20% no matter what…

        As for him putting a -tip on there there are just a lot of assholes out there…

        • @beau_scott

          Not necessarily. I've seen this happening on all tickets, not just groups, quite a bit recently. It's just a dick move for the customer on the restaurants' behalves. They need to just drop tip-based pay practices, pay their servers a decent wage, and let the customers tip appropriately without the added pressure from the guilt of knowing the servers aren't paid shit otherwise. I'd still end up tipping about the same I'm sure (25-30%), regardless.

          • Falthor

            Am i the only person who remembers when 10% was an okay tip? its complete crap that in NORTH AMERICA, not just the US, Servers get a lower wages because they gets tips. i would have to say in a one on one situation the only job dealing with customers worse than being a server is being the manager at a small retail outlet, but at least then you are getting paid to be shit on.

      • test


    • Lboogie13

      Yeah, a tip automatically added to an $11 bill, wtf? I would have done the same thing. Maybe the guy left cash as a tip instead. I always feel as though my server doesn't get a tip when I put it on my credit card.

    • Pants

      Gratuity is bullshit and anybody who says otherwise wants the terrorists to win.

    • rogers0320

      I was honestly looking at it more along the lines of leave the gartuity on there, but just don't tip any more than that. i probably would've tipped more than that anyway, but since they added it on (rude, in my opinion) I would've just let it be…

    • blue_bronco

      Auto tip on a small bill is bullshit. Another example of socialism.

      • DWTDR

        thats not was socialism is about you american cunt.

    • Robert the Bruce

      Nothing asshole about it. DO NOT ASSUME MY TIP! Thats why its called a fu#king tip! What weak ass waiter needs to pre-load a tip anyway? Oh, maybe you work at Denny's. People and their assumtive entitlements fu#king make me sick.

      • rogers0320

        I've never worked as a server bud. What were you saying about assumptions?

  • MattKL

    #6 Whoever that asshole was better never go back there. Remember the scene in Waiting? Like that, only ten times worse.

    • techno_viking

      Who adds gratuity on a $12 bill?

      • A server

        Obviously this is a large party that has split their checks.

        can't believe the support people are giving for this asshole customer.

        • Teddy Roxspin

          I hate the fact you're assuming he didn't slap a $20 on the table and did that as a joke. Jesus fucking Christ some people need to assume less and gets sense of humor!

          • Leeks

            Cause the first thing a server that just got a great tip does, is take a picture of the receipt to make it look like some jerk stiffed them. There is a far better chance that it was the customer, not the server that was an asshole.

            Most places, at least chains, have automatic tip out based on sales. So a percentage of every sale goes to the bussers and bartenders. Not a percentage of every tip, but every sale. When you stiff a server, they just paid to serve you. Too many people don't understand that.

            Bad servers exist, but they are far outnumbered by cheap customers. Fortunately there are some really great customers out there, and most are at least good. But paying to serve some asshole that decides not to tip does suck.

  • kh2the1

    #25, no hardibacker on the plywood, be prepared to come back and fix it…

    • abc

      hah….. yep

    • Turbo

      $10 says they are googling hardibacker right now.

    • WindyCityKid13

      or cement board

    • 1911Neil

      or Ditra

    • dutchie

      or Aqua-Tough

    • Yep

      jesus… lots of chivers know tiling…

      • Clyde

        Actually it's peel and stick lol not the real shit

        • 1911Neil

          You have to use spacers on peel-n-stick?

    • holyshit

      That is just an above shot of the tile. You can see the grout lines. They used a wax pencil to make the drawing. It washes off.

  • tv_paul

    #1 One tin soldier washed away

    • Dad


    • Kyle Gehrke

      Fucking POGS!!

  • Stick

    And you'll notice there are no wires, it's not spiral bound

    • sheldore

      Really… I would never have gotten that one. Bazinga.

  • rsjem1979


    Since when are gratuities automatically added to such small checks? I wouldn't be happy about that either, particularly if the service sucked.

    • ...

      Thats what I was thinking… They were just upset because the tip was automatically added to the bill. A little harsh, but I see the frustration

    • NotFairAtAll

      I've been eating many times with a large party but asking for separate checks. This could be the case.

    • Kyle

      Probably a large group (8+) that got split into individual checks.

    • guy

      Even if it was a large party split into small checks, gratuity is not mandatory. Maybe the service or food was bad.

      • Guest

        Usually it's not. People are just that cheap and think "we'll if the rest of my party is tipping, why should I?" Seriously, if you're going out to eat, make sure you have enough to tip as well. If not, go to a fast food resturant.

      • I don't know

        Actually, at most restaurants, parties of over x amount (usually 6 or 8) incur a mandatory gratuity charge regardless of the quality of service or how much the bill is. Even if it was just 8 people getting coffee and toast all paying separately and it took half an hour to be waited on they will all have 20% added to their bill. It's bogus, but as long as they have a sign posted there is absolutely nothing you can do unfortunately.

      • Sad Panda

        Do you really stiff the waiter if your food was bad? 😦

    • Brad stone

      Maybe this ass hat needs to quit worrying about two dollars. Or maybe the waitress knew he was a broke ass and that's the only way she would get a tip.

      • Kevin

        In Europe you tip if you want. In the USA it seems that tipping is mandatory. How the hell does that make any sense. In the Usa people count on a tip. Over here it's a "thank you for making me feel welcome and doing a hell of a job" Kinda what tipping is for. If someone added a tip to my bill i would subtract it from my bill. I will decide if i tip you or not. To me (Dutchie) standard adding of a tip on my bill is just rude. On that note, I always tip (I even tip the pizza delivery guy even if I ordered and payed online) but this waiter/waitress would get no tip from me.

        • dont b cheap

          Waiters in USA only make 2 or 3 dollars an hour…hence tip

          • randomperson32

            Why are people giving thumbs down to facts?

        • Pretty Smile

          Try making 2.38 an hour.

          • meat

            That's your own damn fault. Get a new job. No one tips me while i work.

        • I don't know

          The reason for the difference is based on the fact that in Europe the people you tip are all payed a fair wage regardless of if they are tipped or not. Here in American it's set up as to give businesses an advantage by giving them the option to pay below minimum wage and use the tips to subsidize the total so that the workers still end up making minimum wage it's just only half of that is out of the businesses pocket. It's fucked up, but that's the way it works here.

    • Harry

      I've been a server for almost 3 years. At my restaurant if there are more than 8 people than you can choose to gratuity them if you so like. Most of the time I don't because I usually get more than 20%(our gratuity is 18%), but in this case it looks like it was probably a party of 6+ and they had separate tabs. So you are still going to get gratuity even with split checks. Stop being shitty tippers people. You think I like making $4.95 hour and not making any tip. That is why we get paid less than minimum wage because our salary is almost all based on tips.

      • MylesofStyles

        I make a point of tipping well to show my appreciation for great service. When I read your comment trying to tell people what to do, I have to tell you, you came across as a douche nozzle. Newsflash buddy:. NO ONE OWES YOU A GOTDAMN THING. If you don't like making $4.95 per hour, work elsewhere, instead of trying to guilt people into making your living for you.

        • randomperson32

          So many waiter haters on here today. So waitresses and Obama get thumbs down on this site, got it.

          • MylesofStyles

            Kind of gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, doesn't it?

    • rsjem1979

      Just for the record, I've worked as a waiter and always tip very well for good service because I understand it's not an easy job. However, a tip is NOT mandatory, and you are not entitled to one if you don't provide acceptable service.

      And yes, sometimes there are just people who won't tip no matter what you do. So there are two sides to the coin. This particular image just seems a little fishy to me because of the low amount.

      • Johnny

        Nah, just a big party split into individual checks, you know that.

    • Johnny

      You never worked in a restaurant huh?

    • Craigery

      Automatic gratuities for large parties are bullshit. It basically excuses the server from making any effort to make the customer happy. Why bother, if their tip is guaranteed?

      • Leeks

        Because if a group of 8 plus people complains to your manager, you might not be keeping your job much longer. A built in 18-20% for one table is not going to make most people risk their job to provide shitty service.

        If you don't like the service at a restaurant, tell the manager. Not tipping pisses of the server, likely making them have a bad attitude, and continue providing shitty service. Telling the manager either gets them to work on improving the servers training, or firing a bad employee. Which will in turn improve service at the restaurant.

        But of course that is rarely the actually situation with people that don't tip, or tip poorly. Most of the time those people are just cheap.

        I can count on one hand the number of times I've had bad service that did not deserve a tip, and I still tipped on all but one of them. All the people assuming it was bad service are trying to justify being cheap. Bad service does happen, but it is way more rare than cheap people.

    • Alumni72

      OR maybe he preferred to leave the tip in cash at the table – I for one don't know if the server ever gets a tip if it's included on the credit card, so I always leave cash for the server – and while service is usually worthy of 20%, there was the one time a waiter was a douchebag on purpose and refused to consider getting my 2-year-old daughter a PBJ, saying "if it isn't on the menu, we don't serve it". I know plenty of servers and restaurant owners and if you ask nicely, they can do something like that if it's for a little kid – this guy just didn't care and had a real attitude even before we asked. Instead of leaving no tip at all, I left him a penny.

      But don't get all high and mighty just because you don't know the story behind the picture. Unless you're that waiter from the diner in Troy, NY, in which case
      1 – that was 17 years ago – how far have you come – and how is your attitude now?
      2 – screw you, fella, you made my daughter cry AND go hungry.

      • I don't know

        Cash tips are better for servers as usually they don't have to report them and that way they should make more money from their employer hourly. It also is safer as it lessens the chance that the server could make the tip you left on your card larger than you intended.

  • jamie

    #6 Fucktards like this should stick with McDonalds or stay home.

    • SOSteppenwolf

      I agree – stay home if the service is going to suck anyways

    • Canada

      For everyone who downed this . I hope your mom kicks you out of the basement and you finally have to go out in public. Bar tending and serving is a SHIT job and fuck holes like you make it worse ! P.S. please go rent Waiting! That shit happens to assholes like you!

    • USA

      You KNOW the service is going to suck when they have to add it on to the bill.

  • rmx386

    #21. I don't want you preparing my meal.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    #15 EPIC! 'Nuff said…

  • its_BACON

    #26 I think we all have "that" friend…

  • fng

    #8 it was just a lame panda joke, I mean come on!

  • MylesofStyles

    #2 I don't get it. Where do the batteries go?

    • Clucker

      obviously, its rechargeable.

  • Tillman61

    #23 That's a pretty awesome shirt.

  • tv_paul

    #20 Those are "Dr. Who" quality effects right there.

  • Seriously

    Can we please have the "next post" option back?

  • notionally

    #8 Is probably my favorite commercial series ever. Panda cheese FTW

  • Euroranger

    #6 While I find a mandatory 20% tip on an $11.99 tab to be asshattery in extremis…for whatever reason it bothers me more that the restaurant can't do simple fucking math? 20% of $11.99 isn't $2.20. It's more like $2.40.

    If you're going to be a dick to your customer, at least be an accurate dick.

    • Harry

      You know nothing about being a server. This looks like it was a party of probably 8 that also did separate tabs. Its up to the server to choose if he wants to gratuity the party or not.

      • Euroranger

        Well, you're right about at least one thing: I know nothing about being a server. Even without subjecting myself to it, I could tell I'd probably dislike the experience.

        You should probably also know I used the same, lazy, "think about it first" approach to the following subjects:
        – drowning
        -setting myself on fire
        – petting any wild carnivorous animal I encounter
        – listening to an entire Justin Bieber song

        So see, while I still know nothing about it, I do know it's a dick move, knowledge or not. Good for you though that you seem to know all about it.

      • PleaseGodDammit

        Where do you get that it's a party of 8?

    • gman0821

      Tip was probably calculated before sales tax was added in.

      • Craigery

        Exactly; tip is calculated pre-tax. In that pic, we can't see the pre-tax subtotal.

    • brit

      Most servers have to have a party of 8 or more at the table to put in the automatic gratuity like that. There were probably several people at the table who all paid individually. And the tip is usually automatically calculated in at 18% not 20% and the math is done by a computer. And while I can't speak for the service provided I still think people should have the decency to tip… It's not like servers get min wage, they depend a lot on tips to make their money. I don't care how bad the service is are you really so cheap you can't pay $2.20?

      • Euroranger

        " I don't care how bad the service is are you really so cheap you can't pay $2.20?"

        So, good service or not, (because you said you don't care how bad the service is, right?) you think a tip is necessary, in other words: mandatory?

        Since you're aware that a tip is a gratuity is in reference to the quality of the service received, how do you make any sense whatsoever by turning around and saying you don't care how bad the service is? Please, in the future, before you ask if someone is "really so cheap" try and at least form a cogent argument to maybe suggest you're in possession of a clue.

        Just for the record though, I happen to tip rather generously for good, friendly service, the norm (15%) for "they didn't screw up my order too badly" and fairly low for shitty service (which is, thankfully, an exceptionally rare occasion).

        • brit

          Yeah, I'm gonna stand by what I said. If you refuse to tip you're basically saying someone is so bad they should be working for free. And don't think they won't remember your face next time. So yeah I think tips should be mandatory. If I go to the mall, or the movies, or anywhere else I can't decide the workers did such a bad job they shouldn't get paid. Why should it be any different with waiting tables? Maybe not as good of a tip.. but $2.40? come on!

          Oh and I didn't notice that it actually does say 20% on ticket so that math is a little off. You were right about that part.

          • Euroranger

            In all honesty, there's been perhaps only one or two times when I didn't leave a tip. Since then, if the service has been so bad as to suggest that a tip should be bypassed, I've asked to speak to the manager instead to explain my concerns.

            Last time it happened, we paid our bill (no tip), left, the manager waited til we left to speak to us outside (because he was a pussy) and I was still polite and pointed out everything that went wrong that evening (believe me…it was a laundry list of bad). He was calm about it, thanked us for the feedback, offered to comp us a meal (we declined) and we went across the street to another place…who, on hearing of our previous experience, made sure we were well taken care of. Server 1 got jack while server 2 got a very generous gratuity.

            Point is: there are people who are so bad they not only shouldn't get a tip…they shouldn't be servers at all.

            • brit

              Fair enough. I understand if service is horrible and it makes your dinner bad not wanting to leave one. I personally would never do it but I can see how someone in that situation might.

              But there are a lot of people who don't tip servers just because they really don't have the money to be going out in the first place. Those are the people I have a problem with.

    • itsme

      Haha thats the same thing i thought

  • John

    #6 Nothing wrong with that, arrogant to add on a tip in the first place. If the service merits it, then you tip, you don't presume to add on what you think is deserved ahead of time.

  • Shawn

    #1 pogs

    • travera

      ROOMIE!!! you artillery badass!


    #26-you use the shit out of this photo and IT'S STILL FUNNY!!!!!

    • RobTalk

      Can you imagine being this kid knowing you're all over the internet like this??

      • mhmm

        pretty sure that's mike moustakas from the kansas city royals.

  • It's


  • Johnny

    #6 You'd think Mr. Pink would be a little more generous with all those diamonds. What a dick.


      I am not logging in to say this but take back what you said asshole I mean if service is bad then they deserve it like waiting 4 hours for your food so think about your nest post ASSHOLE

      • Squadoosh


        That reference went right over his head.

  • Craigery

    #2 I think "wireless" means it's not spiral-bound.

  • Crux

    You can tile right over sub-floor using a modified thinset. Hardie backer has no anti fracture properties. It's just to match a height. Kh2 the whatever the fuck doesn't know what he's talking about.

  • blue_bronco

    I still can't get the 1st chic from yesterday's FLBP. I think she is featured at the top of TheChive home page today.

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