Work happens (26 Photos)

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  • nerd

    #6 Tipping as standard practice is bullshit. I will tip if I believe the service I received went above and beyond what $10/hr will buy you. I never tip as standard practice and find that only 1 out of every 5 or 6 places i visit actually warrant me leaving a tip. I don't get a mandatory tip when I balance the company books, its my job. It is what I am paid to do. Why should waiters/waitresses get it automatically? I call bullshit.

    • Uncertain

      Where are you getting $10/hr from? I get $2.13, myself.

    • Jace

      Yeah, waiters in the States get paid $2.13 – they work on tips.

  • Scott

    Nice Grady!!


  • thatguy

    anyone know where I can get #5 in HQ? I'd love to print it out for work!

  • Tyler - 1046

    #17 what store is this at? i work for the same company and LOVE this pic

    • mstkl

      Follett made The Chive. awesome.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #15 – that's pretty crazy.

  • mason

    who ever popsted number 6 is fucking awesome that is the best thing i have seen in a while im goiing to start checking my cheques and am going to start doing the same thing because the only way i will ever tip 20% is if the waitress gets under the table….

  • jessethejesus

    #20 meathead mover in S.L.O. ca

  • wellduh

    If that's a fact, perhaps you need to review your definition of "friend"..

  • rogjerk

    #17 boxes have shape of Yoda inside 0_0

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