Birds with arms are a really messed up thought (30 Photos)

Why I found this amusing, I’ll never know…

Via birdswitharms

  • CndnChvte

    Some of these are ridiculously funny! Thx Chive!

  • Mjonezy

    #4 "Afleck yo"

    • TCC

      I can tell its photo shopped by the pixels.

  • clenis

    And the Chive has officially jumped the shark.

    • TomTheCameraGuy

      Yeah right, this is like old school chive gold!

  • Paladin

    Slow day at the office Bob? Me too man, me too.

  • tv_paul

    #11 He's throwing a punch….duck!

    • Derpy

      DAMN IT PAUL! Back to the puns huh. Well, you had a good run.

  • sfb101

    #4 Bust a move!
    #6 & #14 Like a Sir
    #15 Badass

    • hmm

      stop rattling off as many comments as you can!!! you are always on the front page in the comments and never have anything worth while to say, just 4 pics and a brief description at best. Slow down and put some though into it.



  • Rick James

    Why would you do this to me Chive??? …. Why.

  • tv_paul

    #14 Yeah …sure ..wait I have a caw on the other line.

    • Nicole

      I see whatcha did there!

  • AM Alycia Dominion

    #9 just needed a little push

  • Truth

    What am I doing with my life…

  • yermon

    100% FAKE

    • michale

      Ya don't say….

  • sneakypete

    A-A A-A A-A Aflaccccc boyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • FunKiller

    Bob….WTF is going on in your head, man?

  • @Opredeim

    #9 and yet, no one believes me when I say penguins are dicks…

    • yer tellin' me

      I used to work with penguins, they're mean little pecker heads at times

  • pun

    Quite the hoot!

  • Uh.... Yeah..

    I mean this is great and all but where are all the chivettes butts?

  • Guest

    #27 An owl smoking crack (pot?)? That's it. That's enough internet for me today….

  • bigyawns

    i hated that

  • pppp

    this post is trippy

  • Megan Rath

    I have tears streaming down my cheeks. This is amazing.

  • Dave

    "Birds are dicks." – the great Adam Carolla

  • Lefty

    Crane Kick

  • stu

    Bring Back the Next Button!!

  • McDeezy

    Meanwhile in the world I wish I lived in..

    • SirLoin

      Wing Wednesdays would get kinda creepy….

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