• Jack O'Lantern

    At first I though this said penis

    • PumpkinCarver

      got dick on the brain?

    • ratatata

      I have bad news for you…

  • Canucks_Rule

    u know it's be about 3 secs before dudes start making 3d dongs.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Hahahaha I was thinking the exact same thing. 😛 And then I'd start drawing boobs.

  • Chive guy

    It's a hot glue gun…. I don't get why this is impressive…

  • cassidy

    it's a glorified hot glue gun.

  • nick

    Might want to take care of that full frontal nudity ad on the mobile site… Just an fyi

    • you're stupid


  • Fronch

    Lame, good luck with that.

  • Sean

    Soo… its a hot glue gun…?

  • Rod


  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    Great, more plastic to be discarded into the environment.

    • tjbennett69

      My instant thoughts exactly

    • ...

      I wondered about the off gases of melting plastic?

  • myself

    The problem is the slag on everything would be way too time consuming to clean up. After a couple projects you'd have spent so much time cleaning up it would have been worth it to just get a DIY 3D printer kit even though they are still pretty expensive.

  • Carl

    Great! More crap ill be cleaning out of my kids hair!

  • CD3

    id just draw one line continuing throughout the house

  • Arod529

    Greedy bastards… They have everything they need…

  • Simon

    I love the Chive, but I've just loaded this page with a javascript console open in Chrome.

    240 errors and 10 warnings. No wonder it takes ages to load and doesn't always work.

    P.S. Kind of cool, but as with comments on some of the tech sites (and above), it's a hot glue gun running ABS. At the moment, something of a solution without a problem.

    • nomis

      who the fuck uses chrome. if its such a problem stop coming here.

      • lawler

        i use chrome 😦

        • DannoTheManno88

          I use chrome too, but I don't have the problems that you have. Have you tried antivirus? Spyware removal? Ad blocker? These are essential for modern day browsing. Your computer has chlamydia and needs help!

  • Usually Jon

    just curious. is there a particular reason that it cant' be manufactured in the US? is it just more cost effective to get them made in China?

    Just thought that if this was a great new product that could become successful, becoming a job creator in the US could really be helpful to a few struggling folks.

    • Randomchiver

      China has factories just waiting around ready to produce something, anything. They can lease out that service on a one off basis. Do it in the US and you have to build your own factory… Waay higher barrier to entry.

      • Anon

        And THAT is one of the reasons the US unemployment rate is so high and the economy so bad. Fuck China and their shitty factories. Spend some money here, build the factory here in the US and give some people a job HERE. Who cares what China has….our economy is balls deep in a gonorrhea infested ass hole. Our citizens need the jobs and the money those jobs can provide. Ship it off to China…we get nothing.

        • thedude325

          Not to mention, a lot of people will buy U.S produced goods rather than Chinese produced goods. Seriously, their products are crap and fall apart in a few months to a few years.

    • Usa

      Sooo the get all of the USA's education and toy companies experience and then outsource to China who runs goverment run cyber hacks on American biz. Good job guys you will not be taking my money. Thanks chive for supporting the communist. These guys just want $$

    • _DoC_

      8 yr olds work for a lot less money so it costs significantly less in overhead to manufacture in China.

      • but still

        minus the shipping back to the states, a few fortune 100 CEOs have said going to China isn't worth the backlash here. Its about time they spoke up

    • wdh

      It is more cost effective and tbh, the american work ethic is not on par with that of the chinese.. Factories in the US would not be able to meet the deadlines that the chinese can produce

      • Usually Jon

        hehe. I guess you're right. I don't think they'd be able to work us here in US factories the way the do at Foxconn.

  • downfall616

    i'd already paid my $ to get one but now i'm wondering how much it would have cost if it had been made in the US.

  • dcg

    cant wait to see what level the "fucking amazing with an etch a sketch" types take this thing to. i think we will be seeing more of this thing to come…

  • Lukas

    Make it in America and people might invest. I don't get how they expect while advertising a website that delivers these pitches to mainly Americans, that it would be a good idea to bring up the fact they're going to make these overseas..

  • Lloyd C.

    You lost me at "we've already been to china and are working with a factor that can produce these"……..

    • true

      They lost me, too … that phrase ruined all….

  • jpot132

    not impressed

  • How about no.


    Also, Alec we don't like you

    • Take a hike

      Alec sucks just as bad as this pen.

  • Allen

    How about finding some "were gonna at least try to make this in the USA ideas" that goes for anyone that has an idea, try to make it in your own country first than outsource. CHIVE FAIL!!!

  • Randy

    China ! I hope it falls flat. Just what we need more shit made in china.

  • Econ

    Outsourcing to China isnt a bad thing. It allows americans to have jobs a lot of times and keeps the prices of things we might want elastic. Its pretty basic economics guys. Your mom was outsourced to china

    • Ron G.

      my cum was out sourced to your face.

      • fuckyourownface

        Your education was outsourced to somebody more worthy and intelligent than you, faggot.

  • Dan

    Make it in the United States and I'm in. Why fly to China to talk to a manufacturer, when you can pick up a phone book. 3D Draw a dick and shove it in your ass if you manufacture it in China.

    • Dawn


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