• 'Merica

    Really Chive? How can you back this when they're going to outsource the labor to china? That's low…

  • dirk

    So there must be no American factory's that can make this? well when that day comes I may invest

  • Matt

    I was out at the mention of it being manufactured in China. Don't ask for money and then use that money to pay workers elsewhere. That is what is wrong with manufacturing today. I'm willing to pay a little more for a quality product made here than pay less for a cheaply made product manufactured out of country that I'll probably end up having to replace anyway because it broke.

  • Cheap Labor is Good

    Why would anyone be upset that it's made in China? Do you know how much more that it would cost if it were made here?

    • Usually Jon

      But… It's Kickstarter… They're asking for community support. Like to get it started, they'll be using much more of the community's money rather than their own. The cost to start it up wouldn't be much of an issue if it's a great product. The issue i have with it personally is the benefits of creating the business doesn't really give back to the community (country) that has invested in it. But i'm not really getting the whole picture. If most of their Kickstart funding is coming from Chinese investors, I take it all back.

  • Junk drawer

    That would be so fun for five minutes – and never again.

  • grumpy

    "3Doodler creates a whole new medium for artists…!"
    Wait, shitty-looking plastic shit is a new artistic medium?

  • kodakbear

    I would buy it if it was made in the US.

  • kodakbear

    I would buy it if it was made in the US. Chive on… Merica

  • Rohan

    All posted from their iPhones and Androids made in China.

  • Tex

    If this shit is going to be produced in China, don't buy it! We could use the jobs here in America you bastards!

  • JesInTheAM

    Aka A Hot Glue Gun

  • http://www.facebook.com/merfe31 Ryan Merf Murphy

    HA! So I guess everyone commenting on the this are using their American Made computers and phone huh! Can't have it both was guys/girls. You want inexpensive toys, then they are going to be made elsewhere. It is as simple as that! Get over it!

  • rubyann983

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  • alex

    You can do this with a glue gun, or just bostik all purpose glue

  • David

    If you were going to make it somewhere besides China I might actually consider.

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