Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • Seldi84

    #3. Now I understand why so many geeks loved her in the 80's
    #32 #21
    Beat cancer, beat it right in it's areshole cancer face. Kcco!

  • Dr_StrangePants

    Hannibal actually escaped after they put him in an alternate metal cage

  • MonkeyMadness

    #1 He caused the tides, he might as well surf.

    • DJPOA

      Actually this guy causes tsunamis …

  • fuzzybeard2016

    #1 Isn't that the guy that plays 'Kamekona' on Hawaii Five-O?

  • Stumeister

    #28 Ok I know the first three villians but who is 4 and 5?

    • Matt

      4 is Silva from Skyfall and 5 is what people are guessing to be Khan in the new Star Trek movie.

  • Ruben

    #27 Drew Carey!

    • http://tomisclever.blogspot.com tom g

      that is exactly what I was thinking. you beat me to it.

    • Jimbo Himself

      and a baby wearing glasses!

  • FloWIN

    #15 where the heck is this?

    • https://www.facebook.com/albyok Alberto Schiariti

      Tropea, Calabria, Italy.

  • Mimoboy

    #21 Congratulations on the Cancer remission . I'm very happy for you.

  • monstrinho

    um, dog vagina?

  • Snarky Snarkerson

    #6 is bullshit! Who would use the breast reduction button?!?

    • MissZip

      Women. It'd be really convenient to shrink 'em for sleep or exercise, then grow 'em back for outings.

  • Brenny_chop

    who is in the second last picture on #28? totally stumped

    • http://tomisclever.blogspot.com tom g

      the dude from the new not yet released star trek movie.

  • Djhahn13

    #21 that is fantastic, keep up the recovery. KCCO!! and pardon my french, but KICK CANCER'S ASS! That is all.

  • LowCal

    #21 you look fabulous, lady! Maybe by summertime we'll see you in the "Fit Girls" segment? Continued success to you.

  • Sirgallahad4



    Good for YOU kid.

  • sam

    #34 ouch did that slap hurt

  • Jeff

    #14 – Because I would just have to ask for it again anyway when it didn't show up with the food.

  • shwapp

    It's awesome to see my mom made it on the DMA. shes gunna be so pumped when she sees this! Only a few more months till we can put this in the past! KCCO

  • Notknowing

    #24 well…that's one way to move your crack shack.

  • http://twitter.com/DukeofChartres @DukeofChartres

    #26 his girlfriend in the background

  • WarrantyMan

    #14 Because…you fucking always forget.

  • Brett Hall

    #1 Hell Yeah! Hang Ten Fat Guy!

  • funkmaster

    #4 Is that Val Kilmer ???

  • ibleedgreenngold

    #14 I usually do, but 75% of the time I have to remind them after I get my food.

  • kimoho

    Want #3

  • JustTrollin

    #15 Where is this? I want to go there…

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