Get on some next level sh*t (20 Photos)

  • nodon


    At first I was like "mashed potatoes and gravy in an apple?" But then I was "ice cream and gravy in an apple?" Guess I'm slow.

    • Booj

      I was vacillating between those two as well. I've talked myself into each being awesome.

    • Nick

      OR MAYBE it could be Apple + Ice cream + Caramel which would make more sense than either one of your ideas.

  • TBaker

    #13 Finally, I can stop smearing pizza on myself!

    • Not Frau Blucher

      Pizza Slut

  • Leigh

    #7 love this but that's a lot of freakin' herbs!

  • animal

    #8 is Bologna……those don't work…..they crack after wearing for two weeks

    • NikkeD

      walking through the sand then accidentally pouring sand in your cup

      • animal

        Haha exactly that would be just as bad

  • nerd

    #4 Because your iPhone already has enough battery life and you wouldn't look like a complete douche using this…

  • envymv

    Can only wear if your a ninja turtle, or want to be part of the foot clan.

  • canadianbird

    mac, your posts are the best. thank you for these items, thank you.

  • Chuck

    #16 Or you could just buy a VW, Audi or Bentley.

  • Dave

    #18 is delicious! We have one in our office!

  • bradass

    #11 is fucking awesome, well stated!!! Hahaha

  • James

    Where's the 20th photo, Lebowski?!

    • Walter Sobchak

      That rug really tied the room together.

    • TokugawaBakayasu

      It's down there, somewhere… Let me take another look…

  • HickoryHeel01

    Hmmmm. #8 (the Reef sandals) appear immediately after #7 (the kitchen garden). Coincidence?

  • Jdub ottawa

    #8 looking for them right now!!!

    • ilm

      Don't buy the flask cracks

  • TheHolmes

    Had these a few years back. Plastic contain in them cracked after one day on the beach and began leaking.

  • Chris

    My nutsack stinks

  • Canucks_Rule

    #9 – only good one.

  • Pvtdeth

    #8 They also make one with a bottle opener built in. Theyʻre pretty common where I live.

  • OneLucky

    #16 my key already does that

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