• wayneb


    • Farkenball

      Not straight

      • JonV

        Rip BB

  • saltygary

    Rebound dogs are just for F'n not for Lovin

    • Bahhhh


  • exoeagle

    It's amazing how a dog can make a person feel.

    • bigyawns

      especially when her hand is rubbing against its asshole

  • saltygary

    and I hate Pugs but that thing is pretty Fn cute.

    • KBCool

      only cute if people keep them a good weight

      • saltygary

        Well, you can expand that to beyond pugs.

  • kc1
    • derp


  • Jason

    I'm getting a pug next month and can't wait.

    • jay

      best decision of your life man!

      • Chivette

        Agreed, faces so ugly they're cute 🙂 Love mine

        • friend of a pug

          and their 24/7 asthma attacks.

  • Jeff


  • ScottyDubs

    That's a happy pug

  • jpot132

    you want to put a video of me getting a game boy when I was 12? Apparently thats all it takes to get a video on here

    • Tom

      It's about doing something nice for somebody. KCCO, don't watch if you don't want to, and don't be a dick. There's no room for cynicism here.

    • panduh

      Do you need attention that badly? We'll watch a video of you opening a present and feel good with you.

    • Nina

      The mixture of mourning and happiness is a little more complex than your twelve year old self getting a game, putz.

  • StuBear88

    Puggin 'ell. What a nice guy!

  • Godfather

    Like a sir. Well done

  • Trez

    I hope he adopted it and didn't purchase it from a pet store.

    • Fur Sure

      when was the last time you saw a pug puppy at a shelter?

    • twd22285

      Don't get me wrong, I adopted our dog..But i HATE when people judge others for not doing the same. You sound like a pretentious fuck..

    • r00s7a

      Can't anyone buy a dog any longer without being ostracized for not getting a dog from a shelter? Some people want a pure bred dog and want to know something about the pedigree. Kudos to you if you actually got one from a shelter, but you're like a damn vegan trying to preach your gospel.

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    I had that same reaction to some of the HUMP DAY CHIVETTES

    • affirmative

      HAHA YES! Someone bring them in my house for when I get home and open the door please

  • prison_mike

    if that guy got me a cat i woulda punted dat shit in his face dog was cute though but fuck cats

    • Farkenball

      You are a monster…MONSTER douche of a person

    • aoisdnas

      or you could just STFU real quick kthxbai

    • Jamie

      If you stop feeding the trolls, they will starve and die .

  • prison_mike

    also first pussies

    • Farkenball

      Wow could you be anymore of a douche? I bet your mom wanted to put you after the doctor handed you to her. Douche

      • SomeGuy

        The best part of him ran down his moms leg. . . . .

        • MylesofStyles


  • Farkenball

    This didn't give me a boner at all. WTF Chive.

    • dur dur dur

      Well, what the hell do you expect? Read the title jag off. Learn from the guy

    • ozed

      i barred up big time. then again, I would get up a well dressed rat, so it's no surprise

  • 12323

    I hate to be a downer but that's not cool. It's not fair to the new animal. It's really not fair to the animal who passed away or the women who ''owned' the dog. There is a real grieving process that has to be gone through before a person can truly accept the responsibility of being a care taker for a new animal. No, it's not the exact same thing but if you lost a child you wouldn't go out the SAME DAY and adopt another one. It's just too soon. Too weird. But whatever works for them I guess as long as the animal is taken care of properly. Just really too quick in my book.

    • Bud


    • markkens

      I agree, but it's apparently not a moment too soon for her.

    • Josh

      It's not fair to the new animal? It's a fucking dog…all it cares about is food and attention. To recap: it's not a child, you look simple, dogs like to eat.

    • Eee

      You're a tool.

    • Login


    • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

      I'm kind of surprised at the down votes on this comment. I was right there in the same boat when I lost my Buck. He was a Yorkshire Terrier and, hands down, the best dog I ever owned. When he passed, I didn't want another dog. For me, it was like losing a kid. There's no way in hell, no matter how sincere the gesture or how cute the puppy, that I'd have ever been able to take a new dog coming home from having put Buck down. It would have felt like "so long Buck…oh hey new dog!".

      To me (my opinion here), it almost minimizes their memory from "family member" to "object easily replaced". Point in fact, while I've owned dogs my entire life, after Buck I agreed with my wife that we'd get a dog (a Golden Retriever) but it's definitely her dog. Then she was in Florida and called home to say her brother's Yorkie had a litter of puppies and can we have one. I really waffled on it and it was 6 years after Buck. End story, we now have Molly and while she is nominally my wife's dog, she's really mine. She just seems to know.

      • Bud

        Ya, but not everyone is a weirdo. I'm a huge dog person. I have had multiple dogs at every point in my life. The idea that you are wronging your dead animal by buying a new one is ridiculous.

    • CD3

      youre the guy no one likes to talk to at parties

    • Agreed

      Exactly. It's been a year since ours has gone, and we're just barely starting to think about getting a new dog. And we still miss our old girl every day.

    • Feral

      Not fair to the dead dog? Srsly?

    • bob

      You are right. You gotta remember a lot of chivers, and I mean A LOT OF CHIVERS, are simpletons. Give them a beer and a slice of pizza and you can get them to rob a bank. I get that he wanted to console her but to throw a puppy at her on THE DAY her other dog died and without her consultation is just weird. But you will get a lot of negative votes because like I said, Chivers tend to be the simplest people.

    • i liked it

      fuck off

    • ImpressMe

      Has it occured to you that HE knows HER better than you do? Also…you clearly do not hate to be a downer…since you managed to go on for a full paragraph. If you don't like it…fine…but really, you don't need to dump your negativity all over the Chive.

  • Horse Head Mafia

    Umm the dog just died give her some time to greave.

    • OmahaDude

      Greave – a shin protector worn by ancient warriors
      Grieve – to mourn

      • wreckenbach

        Nice one

        • OmahaDude


  • Me1

    pass the weakness tissues… i seem to be passing eye water.

  • GOOG

    damn onion tear gas trick keyboard…

  • tv_paul

    You sir are a good man.

  • George

    Yeap, he got laid that day…

  • oen

    what about the guy in the rascal…. just leave him hanging???

    • say what

      I was wondering the same thing. He could have peed all over himself, much like the puppy.

  • Boomtube


    • Gusto

      Um no. German shepherds (or insert preferred breed here) don't usually frequent adoption places so I bought mine from a registered breeder. Is it lonely on top of your mountain?

  • crusher44x
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