• bob

    You are right. You gotta remember a lot of chivers, and I mean A LOT OF CHIVERS, are simpletons. Give them a beer and a slice of pizza and you can get them to rob a bank. I get that he wanted to console her but to throw a puppy at her on THE DAY her other dog died and without her consultation is just weird. But you will get a lot of negative votes because like I said, Chivers tend to be the simplest people.

  • Biff

    Guess who's gonna have to take him out for his daily walks while she's at work or applying the makeup?

  • LuvsHorror

    Pugs are awesome, a puppy gives her something to love and heal with, it doesn't replace the other dog, it just helps. And I don't "feel sorry" for this dog, since it is obviously going to receive a lot of love and affection.

  • Jamie


  • Jason Nucker

    Her dog of 10 years died that same day and she is happy to have a new puppy? Damn I feel bad for the fake love she gave her last dog and the fake love she will give this one.

  • dc gorski

    that was a risky maneuver. rebound dogs are hit or miss. well done! that pug will be loved.

  • jan

    too bad it's one of the most ugly dogs in the world

  • Mark Almighty

    Behold, the power of Dog!

  • jesus

    Is nobody concerned with how quickly she got over the last dog? One second shes crying, next she's laughing and smiling……

    just saying….

  • Uziel

    I want to motorboat her sadness out.

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