Hell freezes over every year in Oymyakon, Russia (32 Photos)

  • PsY

    poor cold doggie . . .


    • Backsplash

      Poor doggie? He's warm don't you know that he laying on a standard Russian living room floor

    • Mike

      looks more wolf-ish to me…

      • B11

        Nope. Coyote.

  • Deon


  • TheAssMan

    #9 What's Russian for "Fuck this, I'm moving to Florida"

    • Drew

      Google translate says "Yebat' etom ya pereyezzhayu vo Florida" which may or may not be entirely accurate. Bozhe moy (essentially OMG) is universally accepted.

      • Noname

        reko zajebi odoh ja na Floridu ako uspijem dobiti zelenu kartu što je praktički nemoguće za ljude bez obitelji koja je već tamo

    • Yo Yo Ma

      "Fuck this, I'm moving to Floridaski"

    • yes

      80 and sunny in Miami, cant beat it.

      • Wedgism

        Perth Western Australia… last week had 5 days of over 40'c (>104'F) and no flooding like Queensland

  • the390

    Literally freeze your balls off

    • GROSS

      Your shit would freeze before it even hits the ground….

  • Beast24

    It is going to be 84 today here in Napili Maui, so Suck it Russia !!

  • Arrrrrrrrrrg

    How about no.

  • http://twitter.com/martellog @martellog

    Anyone with a good jacket, go and …find her!

    • GRyde

      Toughest MOAR! ever.

      • @angryprof13

        maybe, but honestly how many ladies with eyes like that can there be in Oymyakon??

    • https://www.facebook.com/nick.murphy.35728466 Nick Murphy

      MOAR! Those eyes!

  • tv_paul

    #26 I guess you have to hover unless you want to leave multiple layers of your buttock skin stuck to the seat.

    • Hrdwood

      Bad case of the runs? You're just ass-skin for trouble…

      • Tiber_Septim

        nothing "runs" in that cold

    • Daisan

      You think there is a toilet inside?

  • TSO!

    Uhhh… #27? She must be just visiting….

  • Zee705

    #27 Find Her?

  • tv_paul

    Well the town is name says it all..Oy- my- akon .

    • LouDog

      What does Oy-my-akon even mean?

      • yoselahonda

        It's the sound one makes while trying to say "Oh my God it's cold!" while someone pores ice water down your back.

  • sfb101

    #26 No thank you, I'm blue balled all ready!
    #27 Pole of cold, could be worth it….

  • ferret

    holy fuck… Russia is big #32

  • sam

    talking about hell freezing over google search hell michigan. 45 cold really! wtf thats tshirt and jeans weather

    • oqsig99


      • Geoff

        his first point is there is a town in Michigan called Hell. His 2nd point is about bob complaining about 45 degree weather being cold

  • coop

    Im sending a care package of NOPES! to Oymyakon!

  • REO Speedwagon

    You can have all my NOPEs

  • jmonster

    #27 sexy stare!

  • Captain Chauvinist

    KCCOs onsale when?

  • Flee

    so, the important question is….why are they even there? Diamonds,gold, bananas?

    • jim thorton

      It's their home. Why do you live where you live?

      • Flee

        really? All places have inhabitants because the land/area has a resource that has value, now I know that doesn't hold true for people in the US much more but since it was established that is why we stayed. It was an honest question wondering what they produce there….they aren't there just because.

        Like my home, it was established long ago because of traders passing along the Ohio river to go further south, it was a stopping point,, then later it became a major city for slaughter houses, now we are just awesome. Oh, and we house some of the largest national headquarters in the country.

      • mises

        Thanks captain obvious. "they live there because that's where they live!" The question is why? It's not as if there aren't warmer places even in Russia, so I wonder just what keeps a person in the "coldest habitable place on earth".

        • jim thorton

          right, the place you live now was once used for whatever resource at the time, but why are YOU there now? There are warmer places in the US with fewer mosquitos, why don't you move there? Why does someone have to live somewhere warm?

          • PA2AK

            jim, you should move to Oymyakon.

            Flee…interesting question. all I could find was…During World War II an airfield was built here for the Alaska-Siberian (ALSIB) air route used to ferry American Lend-Lease aircraft to the Eastern Front. (it's from Wikipedia, so you know it's legit)

            • PA2AK

              Should read * A L S I B *

  • Jude

    I'm surprised that any camera will function there.

  • TBaker

    We're about to get snow dumped on us here in Kansas City. I was already not looking forward to it and then you post this.

  • FLChiver

    Nope. Except for #27.

  • ChiTownChiver

    Ever heard of migration? Random ass how chick thrown here #27

  • polarbear

    It was negative 20 wind chill in Minnesota yesterday and it was miserable can't image another 70 degrees below that.

  • Not that cold

    For eye like #27, and my imagination filling in the rest.. Sure -a billion could be worth it..

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