How the Chivers changed a life in one hour (15 HQ Photos)

Here at theCHIVE, we'd always wanted to create a charity to champion the orphaned causes of the world, a charity for the underdogs. We endeavor to give meaning to unfamiliar acronyms like SMS, OI, and yesterday, the story of a Chivette named Gina with CRPS.

The day of a launch is the culmination of so much hard work. Brian Mercedes, the Executive Director of Chive Charities and myself work for weeks to craft the story with Gina's help. Everybody at theCHIVE offices pitches in with these stories, it's truly a group effort. Then there's the travel, finishing touches, and the tense moments prior to second when Gina finally hits the publish button on her own story.

But after that, Gina's story no longer belongs to us. We put it in the capable hands of theCHIVE community. And you've proven that your capacity for giving is unmatched by any community, online or otherwise.

We'd set Gina's financial goal at $60,000 and launched the story at 1pm PST. Thirty minutes later we'd raised $25,000, at which point, the giving only accelerated. Each time we refreshed the page, another $5,000 would appear. Gina turned to me and said, "I can't believe this is happening."

Just past 2pm, the Chivers hit the $60,000 goal. We had never raised that much money that fast, ever. It took you only one hour to forever change the course of a woman's life. Gina was overwhelmed, as were the rest of us. There were tears. Then beer.

Thanks you, Chivers. We really wanted this one. We all fell in love with Gina here. We watched her smile and joke around, all while fighting through constant pain and tremors. You've helped ease her pain, both physically and emotionally. You should all be very proud.

Here are how events unfolded yesterday. Enjoy...

We raised the money so fast, many Chivers have emailed us wanting to help. It’s easy, simply make a donation to the Chive Fund.

The Chive Fund exists to support people in need of smaller generosities than the headline campaigns, help underfunded campaigns meet their goals, and build support that allows Chive Charities to operate (currently 1 awesome employee). Leo and I will never receive a paycheck from Chive Charities.

The Chive Fund recently reunited USAF SSgt Mark Barrett with his family and Autistic son. That story here.

More about the amazing Chive Fund right here.

Thanks again to all the Chivers for your support yesterday. You’ve given a voice to thousands of CRPS sufferers and helped a deserving girl when she needed it the most. You really are helping make the world 10% happier.


John n’ Leo

Gina’s Twitter Machine.

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  • tomchalm

    This makes us all too happy for words to express.

  • DTAB

    Even looking a the pictures is enough to make a guy tear up….I mean, must have some dirt in my eye.

    • Sad

      Don't cry I saw this story on Reddit two days ago……… Oh Wait. KCCO

  • Rushton

    Chive Nation Rocks my World

  • Phl

    Gina, God bless, we're all behind you. Fellow Chivers, you make me proud

  • tbjacobs

    When people ask me to describe what the Chive is, it's easy to describe the DAR, FLBP, Cat Saturday, etc. But it's things like this that make the Chive what it is. It is a privilege to be part of such an awesome community. KCCO and keep up the great work everyone.

    • Derek

      I had an older lady ask me about my hoody the other day…and going with my gut I told her that the chive is a strange online community that when it comes down to it, is about good people doing good things for other good people. For me at least, all the rest is just bonus.

      To clarify, I find it strange because the internet usually breeds exactly the opposite sort of community. Flamewars, unmitigated bigotry, etc.

    • canofeles

      I'll drink for that my fellow chiver!

  • Cal

    This is why im proud to Chive

  • Keefer

    she looks like Lady Gaga

    • deek

      she's pretty!! #3 and #7 – her eyes spook the shhh out of me!

      • TheDonOf952

        #7 is not her!

        • Truth

          I think he's talking about the girl from berry. She's freaky ugly!


    Chive Nation…..Never fail

  • Mike Paquette

    Congrats…I was happy to donate what I could. My mom lives in constant pain, if I could her burdon upon myself I would. Stay strong, stay positive…don't ever stop fighting! You inspire me!

  • bigyawns

    #9 damn you guys look so happy this makes me happy. happy!

    • prison_mike

      #8 love how the chick 4th from the right is all on her phone like "ugggh! dis shit be BO-RING!"

      and then in #9 shes all like "oh god! photo-op! hip hip hooray!"

  • Gustavus Adolphus

    Mercedes, congrats! You're doing awesome work for people who need it. Go Flyers! #KCCO

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    "CHIVERS" fuck yeah

  • Felcus

    KCCO motherfuckers.

  • Matt

    Glad we could help!!

  • sfb101

    So very well done! Makes me proud to be a Chiver!

  • Rupert Pupkin

    These moments make me even happier to be a Chiver. My friends (non Chivers) like to occassionally lump the Chive in with all other funny/sexy picture sites. I'm proud to end that comparison by telling them about the success of Chive Charities. KCCO!

    • Crash

      Same here my friend. When I extoll the virtues of this site, I get the same response. But when I mention the charity side and all this site does for people, The response is overwhelmingly positive.

  • CndnChvte

    Proud of all the chivers, including myself, who donated. My prayers are with you Gina, keep strong! KCCO

  • CndnChvte

    #9, great photo by the way!

  • Feels Good

    "It took you only one hour to forever change the course of a woman's life."

  • ilm

    9 days to give- finish in 1 hour= Chivers are awesome

  • Chuck

    #9 Mac is not impressed

  • chivecitybitch

    amazing, great job

  • d.c.

    #11 the burden has been raised….We're all proud of your bravery Gina!

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      that pic just hit me. wow.


  • Zedhere

    Thank you Chivers!

  • Zach

    Exactly why I will be a Chiver for life. Really is a special group of people.

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