How the Chivers changed a life in one hour (15 HQ Photos)

Here at theCHIVE, we'd always wanted to create a charity to champion the orphaned causes of the world, a charity for the underdogs. We endeavor to give meaning to unfamiliar acronyms like SMS, OI, and yesterday, the story of a Chivette named Gina with CRPS.

The day of a launch is the culmination of so much hard work. Brian Mercedes, the Executive Director of Chive Charities and myself work for weeks to craft the story with Gina's help. Everybody at theCHIVE offices pitches in with these stories, it's truly a group effort. Then there's the travel, finishing touches, and the tense moments prior to second when Gina finally hits the publish button on her own story.

But after that, Gina's story no longer belongs to us. We put it in the capable hands of theCHIVE community. And you've proven that your capacity for giving is unmatched by any community, online or otherwise.

We'd set Gina's financial goal at $60,000 and launched the story at 1pm PST. Thirty minutes later we'd raised $25,000, at which point, the giving only accelerated. Each time we refreshed the page, another $5,000 would appear. Gina turned to me and said, "I can't believe this is happening."

Just past 2pm, the Chivers hit the $60,000 goal. We had never raised that much money that fast, ever. It took you only one hour to forever change the course of a woman's life. Gina was overwhelmed, as were the rest of us. There were tears. Then beer.

Thanks you, Chivers. We really wanted this one. We all fell in love with Gina here. We watched her smile and joke around, all while fighting through constant pain and tremors. You've helped ease her pain, both physically and emotionally. You should all be very proud.

Here are how events unfolded yesterday. Enjoy...

We raised the money so fast, many Chivers have emailed us wanting to help. It’s easy, simply make a donation to the Chive Fund.

The Chive Fund exists to support people in need of smaller generosities than the headline campaigns, help underfunded campaigns meet their goals, and build support that allows Chive Charities to operate (currently 1 awesome employee). Leo and I will never receive a paycheck from Chive Charities.

The Chive Fund recently reunited USAF SSgt Mark Barrett with his family and Autistic son. That story here.

More about the amazing Chive Fund right here.

Thanks again to all the Chivers for your support yesterday. You’ve given a voice to thousands of CRPS sufferers and helped a deserving girl when she needed it the most. You really are helping make the world 10% happier.


John n’ Leo

Gina’s Twitter Machine.

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  • Wraith

    Keep up the good fight, thank you for letting us help you GIna

  • Ashley Wilkes

    I trust you guys completely and blindly sent in my donation, just as I will continue my recurring payment to Chive Charities, but just out of curiosity and to put this all into perspective, what does this money mean? I know I remember reading something about the chamber treatment possibly running as much as $40,000, so aside from the boost in morale that she must be feeling, for how long will this ease her financial burden?

    • Cheap

      Chivers would have given more but the Chive decided she got enough money and turned off her donation page. I think it is pathetic.. Maybe cap donations at twice their budget. You know this girl has way more expenses than 60k will cover.
      I just think if you are going to go big, do it.

      • stuowen

        I'd like to know what the money means to her to. And I want to know why the donation page was turned off after $60K. I donated yesterday afternoon and then posted this comment on the original story this morning:

        "So, did we stop at $66K? I thought we might go to $200K or more!! Why can't we go as far as we want to go?? P.S. There should be a link from the Chive Charities page back to The Chive page…"

        You can see from all the comments on this post and yesterday's post that there were a lot more Chivers wanting to donate…My memory is a little blurry, but I think when we did the one for the soldier that lost his limbs, we started off just wanting to buy him the land to build a cabin on, and ended up going way past the goal and buying the land and building the cabin…I'm sure there must be a good reason, but it would be nice to know what it is…

        John?? Leo?? Buehler?? Anyone??

    • brianmerce


      There are a few different reasons why we must now cut off the goals at a certain point. The most important of which is that Chive Charities is pending its 501(c)3 charity designation from the IRS and is already operating as if it had the designation. Every dollar that goes into Chive Charities for individual campaigns will be accounted for and needs to go to funding the items that are decided on prior to campaign launch. If we left the campaign open (as we saw with Taylor Morris campaign which was before the creation of Chive Charities), the funds can swell to a point that it becomes hard to justify with the IRS.

      That is why we've set up the Chive Fund. The Chive Fund exists to support people in need of smaller generosities than the headline campaigns, help underfunded campaigns meet their goals, and build support that allows Chive Charities to operate. This way we can help more people like Gina. Find info on the Chive Fund at:

      • stuowen

        Thanks Brian!! I hope The Chive and Chive Charities will get the word out to the rest of Chive Nation about the changes and why they had to be made. Maybe they can explain when launching the next headline campaign so Chivers will understand why they aren't able to donate once the goal has been reached.

        KCCO and God Bless!! You're doing a GREAT job!!

        P.S. Keep me in mind when you're ready for employee #2!! B)

  • Kyle

    I would normally say Keep Calm and Chive On but I think you're the epitome of everything it stands for!

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    60k in an hour?? that's incredible. so proud to be part of it. **wipes tears**

    Chive On.


  • JohnnyChingas

    Keep fighting Gina, you are most definitely an inspiration to all. You're drive and passion to educate people for the well being of "Survivors" behind you is the most unselfish act I have ever seen, and demonstrates the true humanitarianism our society is capable of. And a huge amount of respect to your boyfriend for being a man among men in his show of true love and commitment to the women he loves. I wish you both the best of luck. KCCO!

  • thesieryscat

    #9 if there were ever an excuse for day drinking…

  • driz

    Am I the only one to notice Phil Dunphy is inexplicably in the background of the first picture???

  • Chris C.

    I am absolutely glowing with pride to be part of a community like TheCHIVE. I just read this story this morning and couldn’t wait to break out my wallet to do what I could for Gina. Come to find out, us chivers got this gal the $60k she needed in an hour. I was pissed that I couldn’t be of assistance to her personally but so proud to be part of a community that could. It is such a dichotomy that we frequent this site to enjoy beauty of art, nature, animals, and the human body but yesterday and today the beauty of this site was found within its followers and not its pictures. Amazing story CHIVE! Amazing response chivers! KCCO!!!!!!!

    • tech_of_justice

      Chris, you can always become a member of Chive Charities. There are 4 levels of membership, and all worth it. Or you can make a one time donation to the Chive Charities general fund. I became a member a few weeks ago!

  • David Godbout

    so proud to call myself a Chiver and even more proud that I could help. This truly is the best community of people I have ever known

  • Jimmy

    I'm not even crying…

  • tkc

    Time left to give: 9 days.


  • Sega

    just pure amazingness ..nothing like it..chive isnt just the best site in the world, but the best community to .. much love for all and you to Gina .. K.C.C.O !! ❤

  • Venezuelanchiver112

    Thanks to the Chive I started to believe in HOPE AGAIN!!! Now i can go to sleep knowing that the chive nation has the power to help others.

  • knotmee

    If her husband is a captain in the marines, why did they have to go to a website for medical care? Shouldn't the military be providing coverage?

    • Crash

      I think they're just dating. And the treatment that actually helps isn't FDA approved or covered by insurance.

  • Ken

    This is the reason I come to this site everyday and the same reason I tell as many people about the site and get them hook. I hate you guys for the hotties you get to work with (if you know what I mean) but love what you do. Thank you for what you do

  • Marvin

    When people ask me what The Chive is…the only answer I can come up with is "The Chive Is Family" When a Chiver is in Need, we all pull together to lend a hand, When Random strangers are in need, you'll find anonymous words of encouragement, and the occasional Beers on me but always followed by KCCO! I'm honored and grateful to be a part of The Chive Nation. As always KCCO

    • knotmee

      "The Chive is family" is your response to "what is the chive?". Wow, that must be confusing for people. Let me take another stab at it. The Chive is a website that posts funny videos and series of pictures, usually with a theme, sometimes just random. It is not a family, by any definition of "family".

  • jgafk

    theChive is strong in this one, awesome!!! KCCO Gina!!

  • Crash

    Shit I'm crying right now. I haven't cried in years. It must be the whiskey. Brendan Marrocco was in my unit in Iraq. I didn't know him but knew right away when he got hurt. i can't express how The Chive makes me feel. Sure, the funny, sexy, and awesome pictures make my day better, but the Chiver's and Chivette's the world over are incredible. $60,000 in 1 hour? I'm shedding tears of joy and sorrow right now. Joy because I'm a part of this community and sorrow because there are so many deserving people out there who need help. Okay, I'll shut up now. I could go on for days, but I won't. I love KCCO but I'd like to expand it. Love Everyone and Do Your Best. That's how we can change the world. Chive on.

  • Aussiechick

    Damn, who is cutting the onions at 7am in the morning!
    Makes me proud to KCCO!

  • Average_Joe123

    Why can't we buy her an oxygen chamber which makes her feel much better?

  • RUhigh

    Was there ever any doubt??? Geeze, come on, this is Chive!

  • tony

    Woot! Chive Nation for the win. Would like updates on the possibility of getting her a Hyperbaric Chamber of her own, even if that meant training her & her boyfriend/family.

  • Minja

    TOAST! And Congrats! Its remarkable to be apart of a Community that can do so much for someone in need. =D

    Also Glad to see the Chive downing down some home Brew ALASKA ALE!

    – Alaskan Chiver "Asian Drew"

  • Syrin

    I'm a physician. I graduated in the top 5 of my medical school class. I received one of 2 spots for a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic beating out over 300 candidates, and I must admit I had NEVER heard of this disease. Not only did the Chive help this brave young woman, it alos helped the medical community as I have forwarded the story along to my colleagues. Good luck. I wish all my patients had your persistence and desire to treat their own disease

  • Tyler

    I was lucky enough to be able to donate to this Amazingly bad ass Chivette KCCO Gina and way to go Chive Nation

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