I don’t even know what’s right anymore (33 Photos)

  • E Tex

    Bring the next button back

    • salmon man

      while you're at it- it's been months since I've been able to thumb up or down a comment from my iPhone. 😦 bring that back too, please. I need to thumb up this guy for not writing "first"

      • uncle tony

        I definitely just tried to thumb you up for that…couldn't.

      • Yes

        This is true

    • Underbaker

      I thought it was just some firewall thing on my Military computer, Yes please bring back the Previous and Next buttons.

    • Cudaman

      Ya, but make them actually go to the next post without the stupid ass jump to the berry or the Brigade. Next post should mean next post on the Chive dammit!

  • Bhodi

    #6 Seems legit

    • opieduce04

      then why doesn't anything besides metal stick to them?

      • Bojo

        Mr. Hawking? Is that you? Don't you have more pressing matters to deal with?

    • Dan

      Everything on the internet is true.

    • testudo321

      For a textbook in Texas and Mississippi at least.

    • Smitty

      Christian science textbooks would be hilarious… if they weren't actually getting into schools.

      • Bhodi

        The Texas State Board of Education has a lot more influence in what goes into most nationwide text books than you think.

        • Smitty

          Oh, I know. They dictate to the publisher what they want and buy so many that they are nearly the defacto standard setter for the country.

    • Mike Hunt

      Finally a unified field theory!

  • ESPN2013

    #1….you don't say?

    • dutchie

      Well, if Diana WERE alive today, she'd be spinning in her grave!

    • MonkeyMadness

      Actually she was alive 36 years before she died.

    • roly

      i really think they meant that she was still alive after the accident

    • Reikhardt

      That's actually a spoof headline from British satirical magazine 'Private Eye.' The giveaway is the just out of shot header 'Exclusive to all Newspapers'

  • Brian


    That's how they spell "meat" in Europe.

    • snap

      Yes, the great country of Europe..

    • Oyvvey

      That moment you realize that you put a period at the end of a sentence fragment. Can these go away now?

      • I don't know

        They will if you do.

    • f1junkie

      Followed half a second later by the thought, Photoshop.

    • Really have to poo

      The Italians have been eating horse meat since…always.

      • MylesofStyles

        Not just horse. Wops eat cat like there's not tomorrow (see Vicenza in northern Italy).

        • Hrdwood

          and after they do, dago straight to the litter box.

          • MylesofStyles

            which they share with their Ginny pig.

  • Paula sux

    #18. That kid has no idea the sweet tang that awaits him

  • thesieryscat

    #23 was pretty messed up…shouldn't mess with troops returning home for a good laugh.

    • Tyron

      You may wanna take the stick out of your ass, Sierycat

      • thesieryscat

        I'm all for poking fun at stuff, just struck me as in bad taste.

        • Endo

          No one thinks a Snickers tastes bad. If you do, you're not human.

      • Nooffence

        Oh man scrolling through I knew some ass clown was going to state they were offended by this. Maybe the Jesus pic should come down too. Or the sexual predator one cause we can't laugh at them either. In fact everything is offensive. Lets never laugh again or pile fun at anything. That way no one gets hurt and we're all happy

        • Nooffence

          *poke fun

        • Livin' Legend

          Agree or disagree, but please reserve childish and idiotic "you don't like this so why don't we get rid of everything!" arguments for political rants, where that sort of stupidity belongs.

          And he never said he was offended or that it should be taken down, just that it's in poor taste–which it is. He certainly didn't write a pissy tirade about it like you did.

          Laugh at whatever you like though. It's still a free country, brought to you by the people wearing that uniform in the picture.

          • bmoney

            He actually said it was "pretty messed up". Every Chiver loves our troops, So take a "chill pill" and enjoy the fact that TheCHIVE throws in some photos of our military men and women.

            • Livin' Legend

              Yup, I really should take a chill pill and calm down. I was really getting out of hand there. Used a few three syllable words and some of my punctuation was downright hostile while stating an opinion and telling people they're free to have theirs.

              Sorry if you don't like the fact that I didn't find the picture funny, but I'm still going to say so.

              • Jabitt1

                Knows everything, is always right. It's Comment Guy!!!

    • Boomer Sooner

      I wear that uniform too, and I say lighten up. I have gotten that feeling opening up an MRE that had quality candy in it instead of friggen awful pound cake, hah.

      • wheelchairborne

        dude, I LIKE the pound cake! Esp. the lemon poppy seed.
        And I do agree that the photo is bad taste, yet funny.

        • Mtez

          Lemon poppy seed was the best. Anything is better than cinnamon imperials…

    • f1junkie

      Why not? We appreciate their service but they're not some sacred cow.

      • f1junkie

        And no, I have no idea what that means.

        • Nooffence

          Quite the tirade livinlegend. It's in poor taste? It's a fucking snickers bar it's not like they photoshopped in a naked Taliban.

          • Livin' Legend

            Oh, you turned my argument around on me and called my post a tirade. You really showed me.

            And yes, poor taste. That's my opinion and the OP's. As I said, agree or disagree. For someone who goes by "Nooffence" you certainly are TAKING offense at someone else's opinion. But keep up with the pissy comments, it really demonstrates your prowess with words.

            • Nooffence

              Lol, I'm not taking offense at anything. You're clearly worked up. You shouldn't tell someone not two rant and follow it up with a rant twice the size. But I see what type of guy (actually most likely girl going by your love of the word pissy) you are. Any opinion that's not yours should shut up because they're stupid. Have a nice day Kcco

              • Nooffence

                That's to not two

          • Livin' Legend

            This really makes me mad guys! You guys are being dumb. I'm not in the military or anything but I think they wouldn't like it either. They should make content suited for people like me with no sense of humor. Gosh!

      • JMick

        Actually I do believe that the moment captured in the original photo should be held sacred. That moment when one of our military, who deployed to protect us and protect the rights that we so blissfully enjoy, who have sacrificed time with those they love, gets to first embrace a loved one they haven't seen in a long time and probably only has a short leave time with them. Those are the moments that should be held sacred. I am all for humor, and if the military gets brought into that is fine, that is what makes this country great. But these moments, no, these moments are sacred.

        • thesieryscat

          JMick gets what I was referring to. I don't mind making a funny picture out of a military member…but that original picture was just one I feel like shouldn't have been altered.

  • jasonB

    Just teaching little Aussie kids to fear wildlife at a young age.

    • simon

      Drop bears..

  • NebraskaGuy

    #19 What kind of Soviet magic is this??

    • Skagen

      The following day after meteor crash, that is.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        Then a good thing we already won the Cold War before they got their own league of Soviet Superheroes

    • SomeBeans

      Regular. It's regular kind

    • SoL

      He's an Airbender, obviously.

  • Jrow


    • Huell

      Maybe because he looks like a girl?

      I think you need to loosen your muzzle, bro.

    • ???


      • ...

        That awkward moment when you realize the caps lock button was on, and you look like a douche.

        • Duh

          That awkward moment when you realize that "that awkward moment" jokes aren't funny anymore and that they a grammatically incorrect because they are incomplete thoughts.

          • Duh


            • Penis Wrinkle


          • GoHome

            "I liked those jokes before they were cool. Now they are so played out. If anyone likes them NOW they are stupid."

    • Mitch

      does anyone else think it kinda looks like chanel from the fantasy factory

      • TrueStory

        No, Chanel is a hot girl and that is a boy with a bad haircut.

  • guest

    #28 – oh man – bet that purchase is regretted

    • Matt C

      I do nazi anything wrong here.

      • Inigo Montoya

        That's because they're using the reich partitions to separate the co-workers' work areas.

        • Bob Épine

          Anne Frankly, everybody knows the swastika started a good luck sign until it was perverted by Adolf Shitler.

          It's not like that company will go to heil or something.

          Every time that symbol is shown, misinformed people are always Goering to whine about it, reich?

          • Inigo Montoya

            You make a good point. This calls for a Heil five all around.

  • Huell

    #18 I met Quentin Tarantino last year. He told me Brad Pitts character in True Romance "Floyd" is supposed to be the grandson of Pitts character "Aldo Raine" in Inglorious Basterds.

    • Brian

      Yea, I can see the connection now. From Nazi killing bastard to couch surfing pothead.

      • Huell

        Aldo Raine did drugs too & was quite air headed at times

        • andrew


          • Yeahhh

            ^ dickhead

    • chorizoblanco

      I could see the resemblance.

  • VC98

    #14 he he he

  • Canucks_Rule

    #16 – mind = blown.

    • Blind

      I can't see the attractive woman. Only the well dressed jaguar. Help me!!!

    • Fuck the Canucks

      Canucks suck dick. I gave you a thumbs down on my phone and now I'm going to sign on to my computer to give you another.

      • Canucks_Rule

        ha, hate is funny. and ur team is?

  • mac99cam

    #19 c0ck pushups?

    • goatpunch

      because you never know when you might need to fuck you're way out of a sticky situation

  • bigvonski

    #1 duuhhhh…journalism par excellence….NOT! !!

  • Cody

    #23 how dare any of you that have never had this moment trivialize it.

    • IrishWolfhound

      I've never been to space, does that mean i can't make jokes about NASA? Dickhead.

      • Cody


    • Burritos ... yum

      and what of us who have had this moment, but still think the photo is funny? I can tell you, when I came back, I probably would have hugged a giant-chipotle-burrito or a giant-triple-ply-toilet-paper-roll just as much as I hugged my family.

      • Cody

        Touché. You had me at burrito. But I would be a little tweaked if someone did that to a picture of my wife and I.

        • TrueStory

          You sound like a pussy.

          • Yep


      • JMick

        Yes sir, but I think his point is that you are allowed to make light of your own moment, but noone else has that right.

  • http://s1336.photobucket.com/albums/o642/janeyqueen/ teslawasrobbed

    #31 That's exactly what happened and noone can convince me otherwise.

  • tv_paul

    #14 Oral hygiene sex?

  • acupofjoe

    #31 Severe daddy issues.

    • testudo321

      You mean on the side of bother issues…..

  • Jordan

    #30 Truth in advertising?

    • SOSteppenwolf

      Somebody tell us where this can be found.

      You're welcome Chivettes!

  • el niño

    #29 HA!!!

    • testudo321

      No. It spells BEEF LASAGNA.

  • Adam

    #28 Is that the main offices for Arby's? The booths at the chain near me are set up in the exact same way.

    • awww shit

      i think the giant ford sticker gives it away as a ford dealership

    • albertakohut

      Yep… arbys are making cars now…

  • Yo Mamma

    #21 What movie?

    • Anon

      Harry Potter. Don't know which one though.

    • hmm

      harry potter…..

    • advnturetime101

      Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban… it's supposed to be a map which shows where everyone in Hogwarts is.

      P.s.- Sorry for the nerd alert 🙂

      • UhHuh

        That's ok. Continue being hot.

    • Underbaker

      Yes, a fuck was given that day.

    • sassy_lady

      my ex made this gif…he was trying to get thru a harry potter marathon so we could go see the last one, fell asleep then woke up to this during the credits…he thought it was weird…

  • tv_paul

    #31 The darkside is coming, now daddy is real, She'll never know just how I'll feel…

  • criddler

    #18 nice hair brad…. probably the only time i will ever be able to remotely come close to insulting brad pitt. or for you boy meets world fans, brad pittsir

    • Yerp

      You can insult him all you want these days, he turned into a huge d-bag. He used to be cool.

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